Monday, November 2, 2009

Will Farm Plasma For Level 93!

How many people can say they hit the level cap in Babel?

After a long, stressful and monotonous weekend, I have finally achieved another one of my goals: Hitting the level cap. I wanted to make it special, so I got to 99.99% running Ichi Golds (had to skip a few Jikos <_<), and finished off my final 00.01% by doing my daily Plasma Farming quest that Nyarlothotep gives me. Finally finished everything off at 2am (some even stayed up until 5am for the celebration), and got a good night's rest. I'd like to thank my wonderful clan members and all my friends for their support over the past 3 days, and for the awesome celebration you planned; collecting all those fireworks isn't easy!
(Edit: btw, I started out Friday at only 40.35% LOOOOL)

I'd also like to pay tribute to two people who I will never be able to thank enough, Finella and Xay. Without Finella's plethora of knowledge and pursuit of demystifying IMAGINE, and Xay's mentor-like encouragement and inspiration, I would never have made it this far. Thank you both for everything. I'm sure you're both out there inspiring others and kicking ass in other MMOs.

Next Stop: Blaze of Ambition


  1. 1. Grats on 93.
    2. Epic fail on not allowing anonymous comments up until I pointed it out to you. =p
    3. Grats on 93. XD