Monday, November 9, 2009

You Know How I Know You're Gay?

This is your PvP demon.

Also, after tonight's inc-fest in PvP, I feel the need to post this. I have no shame in posting a picture of myself dead (since it doesn't happen that often anyway).


So for all the incense accusations being thrown around, please focus your attention to the top left corner. Don't assume that ZOMGZ EVERYONE IS ON INCENSE!!!11!!one11!eleventy!1 The only reason I keep incense in my inventory at this point is for ridiculous matches like the ones held tonight; and to be completely honest none of you are even worth wasting it on. You're not only making yourself look like an incredible douche-turd when you incense, but you're ruining the game for those of us who have a little something called pride.

Not that this will accomplish a damn thing, but Lielle found this link tonight, and I feel the need to share it as well:

EDIT: I have also started the Megaten PvP Alliance in hopes of the community working together.


  1. "The only reason I keep incense in my inventory at this point is for ridiculous matches like the ones held tonight; and to be completely honest none of you are even worth wasting it on."

    C'mon show us then big scary royce... or maybe chaos should jsut stick to wasting incence agaisnt noobs, make u feel powerful?... or u could just leave when law actauly wants to pvp and kicks arse

    BTW SOO who would you use incence on??

  2. We'll let you know once we find them, thanks.

    ~Xed. :D


    : (

  4. So having a giant flying middle finger as a PVP demon is an instant signal you're gay? =O

    *changes PVP pet plans to Odin instead of bat*

    Whew, thank god I got the memo before I fucked up. =p I'm quite happy with my preference for the female anatomy, especially the mammary glands, thank you very much. XD

  5. People like Mr/Mrs. Anon #1 up here are the prime example of someone who was in those matches, who was probably double incensed, and who thought it was perfectly fine to be along with the 4-6 other people on Law who were. I can tell you exactly 2 people on Chaos were on incense those matches and I'm sure you either know who, if you really wanna know we can tell you.
    And you know what, incense all you want, at the end of the day, you're the one who looks like an idiot going "hur dur, I'm powrfulz, look at mi inc" while we're the side who are actually learning to develope skill.

    So please, continue to waste your money, time, breath on spewing obscenities in PvP while getting your incense hard-on, we really don't care, eventually we'll be the shit out of you while we're clean and you're double incensed and you'll wonder what's wrong and the only thing you'll manage to say is "YOU IZ ON INC!11111!!"

    So, grow some balls or please, shut the fuck up.

  6. i love how you ALL keep saying how little you care yet theres a new post ever few days lol cry me a river kthx <3

  7. It is a fact that incing is still allowed in PvP but (Thanks god and especially Aisu <3) we'll hopefully reach a clean and balanced PvP in Megaten.
    I guess i can say with no regrets we all love Megaten (Or we wouldn't play it) but some people just don't get it how a good game works. I've noticed everytime a Cashshop hops in the Game is devided into serious players and the ones who use money to get benefits (This are also mostly (No offense to people who use Cash but still know how to play) the 'Kids' who are the biggest flamers ingame. I use the word kids btw since that attitude you have is the one i would estimate from a 5 year old @ the incers).


    I'll support and agree with everyone who shares that belief in 200% cause it's really no longer funny to have such communities. We want a balanced PvP ... NOW! To often you encounter people you deal 1dmg while they crush you with 9999dmg in one hit (I know people can reach that without inc btw and congrats for your hard work in building your character!) and it's just enough to hear comments like from the anonymious guests (GROW UP AND SHOW AT LEAST A LITTLE RESPECT IN POSTING YOUR GOD DAMNIT NAME!).

    So for everyone who didn't get it yet i will repeat: We don't need incs cause everyone can be awsome. You incers are only kids who are more ore less addicted to your inc-hardons (Azu you're awsome in finding definitions!) so grow up and show some respect to the people who work really hard for their goals!

    Greetings Naoki aka Fallen
    Pride member of Destiny

    P.S. Go support the petition community of Megaten! You are the voice that decides if the game gets better or even worse!

  8. poooo....QQ

    I hate that demon too Royce. (durr raaaapppeee)

    they knew they gonna loe and they dur rape instead QQ.

    don't worry, You gonna love the patch today !!!

    Have fun pvping, reserve some for me hen I get back D=

    much love,


  9. Dear Mr. Anonymous, of course we care.The incensing "issue" make me see who is a real player
    that love the game, worked for his abilities, know all dungeons, spawns, drops, etc...or just someone
    spending 500 bucks for a set, paying for power leveling, and even paying for skills, because himself can't do it alone.All I can say is:
    "Thanks for the ego boost, IF you can't kill me without incenses is because you clearly don't understand/accept how this game works."
    Of course, some players can really rape me without incenses and I respect that.
    That's all, have a nice day <3

  10. some people have to spend money to get the ap sets they dont get gifts from friends lolz

  11. So it seems like some of the key factors in the incense problem managed to stumble their way over here. Go you! We're handing out cookies and punch later if you'd like to stick around. All you have to do is wear a name tag.

    Seriously, if you can't write your own name, well clearly your lack of self-worth speaks for itself... as if hiding behind the cash shop incense weren't enough <__<

    I'm assuming most of the anons posting here are from Rain (two confirmed already)... which is honestly one of the saddest things I've witnessed in this game. Apparently none of you ever frequent the forums, but if you did, you'd know how much Pearz and Rho fought for an incense-free PvP. As opposed to following your leaders' values, you've chosen to cheapen the name of Rain, and I'm sure you all must be very proud of aiding in defacing something you didn't even create yourself. You've really put yourself out (^-^

    I know the main issue in PvP is trust; no one trusts anyone on either alignment. I touched base on this in a previous blog post. Several people on both alignments just automatically assume the other side is on incense... so they instantly pop one. This solves absolutely nothing. You're only being a key factor in the problem with Megaten's PvP. Why would anyone in their right mind further contribute to the downfall of this game? Would you rather be part of the problem, or part of the solution? The solution is much cheaper and more noble; don't incense. Most everyone out there that's a serious PvPer has spent countless hours working on their build, their gears, and spent moooore than enough AP on this game already. I'm sure we can all be mature enough to be decent to one another and agree not to incense.
    For those of you who incense based on the fact "HURRR WELL I GOT 370 INCENSES FROM FC, MAY AS WELL USE THEM D:<", you're the funniest by far. Just because you spent 98375987345893 AP on some FC card just so you could get a flying broom or whatever, doesn't mean that others need to suffer the wrath of your depleted bank account. By that logic I should see you all wearing those Andras Masks :O

    It also seems people are still taking the whole alignment thing faaaar too seriously. "Durr I can't fight other Law-alignment people, that's against what I stand for" or "Can't trust a Chaos! They ALWAYS lie!" Please go outside, for the love of god. You won't find any Messians or Gaians in the real world. We're all normal people who are capable of reasoning with one another. Our in-game alignment means shit-all. Some of you are acting like this is some sort of segregation... Chaos in the back of the bus, Law on the front of the bus. Remind me not to drink from your water fountain, I'd hate to sully it with my Chaos-germs.

    Everyone just needs to pull their heads from their asses. If we all can't work together to put an end to pettiness, then we may as well just call the game dead and move on.

  12. im just to lazy to log onto my acc its cody btw and yea so yea and stuff and yea yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa know what i mean? : D

  13. "I have no shame on posting a picture of myself dead"

    Good I worked hard on one of those deaths! E-penis grows 2 more inches :D

    That match I knew you werent on inc. I could name people who always come in a match with protection inc & inc of strength. I think the whole incing thing needs to be settled. Dont know what direction megaten will be heading with the whole incing thing either it will be accepted or more drama. Dont see it being removed ever.

    Hopefully when this patch comes there will be less segregation via alignment but the nature of fate as it stands right now. Things like this will happen. I find it funny when i get pmed about being on inc. I have a very different perspective of pvp then most people. I dont take it that serious but I know people whos primary mission in megaten is to kill me lolz.

    I like how people assign clan names to alignments. I'm from a third party clan thankfully and dont have to hear all the bullshit that goes on. I think its time to define the blue team by who actually was in the game then a particular clan and same for the red team. Loto, Riku, Luckie, Analyser,DG,ME, were all there not just rain vs destiny drama x.x

  14. rain vs destiny lol'd : D

  15. Sings: ~ "why can't we be friends, why can't we be frienddddssss" ~

  16. People in a single clan, tend to get the same advice and/or builds which requires specific alignments for their soulstones.

    Naturally a clan becoming mostly chaos / mostly law would occur D:

    Clans were started on a basis of given advice, naturally most still do.
    Thats why Destiny is Chaos and Rain is Law.

    As for "some people have to spend money to get the ap sets they dont get gifts from friends lolz" Every piece of equipment I use minus a couple weapons, like an HS Bag (omgnoes) I earned myself. In game. No ap spent.
    I have slightly 'above average' gear (active guard, eight queens, many tarots/sses, poliahu, thunder fang, etc, etc, etc). And I say above average in the sense that it's out of reach for newer players, but inadequate for the extremes.

    Go learn to farm. Or make your alt a synth / smith. Or train demons. Or do anything that the average player overpays for.

    Lev 46 Melee.
    Go inc to kill me moar kthx.

  17. the biggest problem here is this

    everyones too stuck up