Monday, November 16, 2009

Enter Rhuki


So for all intents and purposes... Royce is now my semi-retired main. I still plan to PvP with her regularly, but as opposed to sitting around in Babel complaining how there's nothing to do in Megaten (and rather than doing the sane thing and play some other game that gets updated more often/isn't a money pit), I decided to pick up one of my alts. For those who remember Rhuki from a previous post, she was a hybrid melee/enhancer.

...everyone in this damn game wants to be a melee/enhancer. So after debating for some time on what direction to head in, and with the arrival of the new imbalanced crystals, I've decided to make Rhuki into a Regal DD. Melee is overall just a boring class to me, and the build I'm doing now is the original build I'd planned for Royce with a couple modifications. I had Class 3 Regal on Royce the day the PvP patch hit back in June (as I'd even pre-statted the character just for this), but it required me to lethe Enhancement. However I found out quickly that I lost my solo-ability in this form, which was my main goal from the beginning. After having a moral dilemna of either starting all over again or lething Regal and going back to my old build, 2 hours later that day I had Enhancement again... and even then I didn't have the necessary amount of Int to solo anymore. Eventually I hourglassed (again) and found my sweet spot again. Overall I don't regret any of the events that took place, as this all paved the way for my final build that got me all the way to 93.

Anyway, I just finished up all my expertise for this build today. I hope to be near-fully soul-stoned and taroted by Friday, and somewhere around level 80ish (I'm level 74 already, so that's no huge task). I'll have to adjust to being reliant on an Enhancer, but I have a feeling this build will be a lot of fun. Wish me luck!

Also, Grand Fantasia Closed Beta starts this evening. A handful of us from Destiny will be giving this game a test run. If it proves to be enjoyable then we'll expand Destiny's horizons into this game as well. I'm somewhat torn between what class I'd like to play at the moment; either Paladin, Necromancer or Wizard. I'm 90% sure I'll end up being a Wizard or Necromancer (because let's face it, being a mage is fun D:), but I wanna try out all the classes I'm interested in before the Open Beta begins. Hope to see some of you all in the world of Saphael!


  1. Hiya

    I was playing GF to it seems interesting.

    I uh added u to my freinds list Royce lol.

    Hope to see ya there.

    -Cataclysm` My ingame name on GF is my good ol original name of Jibby

  2. Sadly i still couldn't fix that runtimeerror i get while installing GF (Yay Vista i love you /sarcasm end) But hey that's a sign and i don't wanna try to fix a game and after that i realize it's crap anyway so i'll leave the testing/fun to others...

    Anyway... have fun with GF i guess i'll stick to Megaten (Since everything else is more or less boring)

  3. ppl say GF is a good game...I may leave megaten for i when its released for all to play.

    This Regal DD definitely peaks my interest =P. So many new builds that I want to see in action, I hope its a successful build.


  4. :D I'm planning on doing a Regal Build myself, but I have no idea on how to build myself really...XD But it's something I 've been wanting to do ever sicne I started Megaten, so I'm excited someone else wants to do the same thing. ^^

    I'm wondering how you plan on building yours with stats and skills, if I may ask.