Saturday, November 21, 2009


So I rage quit Grand Fantasia. The game is a lot of fun, but when you're stuck being alone as a squishy mage playing pretty much the only class that can't solo efficiently, you tend to fall behind everyone really fast. Either that or I'm the only person who's slept in the past 3 days... like, level 30+ already, are you serious? Sorry, I don't find collecting batshit (literally)/deer skins/whatever for hours on end by myself to be fun in the least. The one time we actually DID do a dungeon we didn't even finish it. If people are actually willing to work together in Open Beta, I'll go back... if it's just gonna be the same shit that's happened over the last three days then no thanks.

I've also decided to take a hiatus from Megaten. I'm just overall fed up with the drama and everyone asking for Mudoon/Beiji-Weng/whatever. I recognize I put up a trade thread for them, but I just really have no motivation whatsoever to do trifusions. I can't work on my alt in peace, so there's no point in even logging in. Maybe once Celu Gold/Subway/Ueno Snake are implemented I'll go back. And who knows, I might take a break for a few days, it might be a few weeks. I'll see how I feel in the near future. If it goes into long-term I'll pass off clanmaster to someone who I feel is fit for the role. Don't waste your time asking for any of my stuff either... if I die then it all goes with me :P

In the meantime I'll start writing/recording some new songs (I just got LSDJ! Go go chiptunes!) and play Ghostbusters for PC.



  1. Nuuuuu don't leave us mom ;__; please~

    I'm prolly one of the impatient ones so i really feel sorry for that =( I didn't knew it bothered you that much. I'll stand by my impatientness and i'll say i'm deeply sorry mom ='(
    Please don't leave us.

  2. zzz.. same crap for me with gf... 24 and bored... gf 100% party game or spaming 1 quest for solo players...
    also come on, show up @ shout box at least :p
    Liz :)

  3. I'm playing a warrior perfectly capable of soloing, and I'm bored at lv 20. I actually miss megaten's system of forcing people into parties. All games ends up losing their appeal sooner or later, and the less friends you have, the faster you quit.

  4. QQ log in once in a while at least and say hi.

    Your a big figure to pvp and the community, I don't want to see you go.

  5. 2 mysty
    how on earth u solo dungeon boss? say yor secret?