Sunday, September 13, 2009

Yea, thats really how you spell it.

^Not a new demon anymore because i kept this post as a draft for 3 days.

/Ignore yakka. And changing subject......the other day demon quest were finally implemented. A new source of trauma when your demon asks you to learn the synthesis expertise or raise your talk a few classes. Also back from my break......also not new anymore. Apache chief INYUK CHUK, i get this impression when looking at take-mikazuchi for some reason. I'm just that* original.

*If it's in blue text it's sarcasim. Except for this >_>.

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Simply put I'm out of the game for a bit.
Almost totally lost interest as of late and this is just to let those who were wondering that I won't be on.
Maybe a month or two, or maybe for good, who knows.

I'll be checking this blog and Rain's for anyone who wants to chat or I'm always on xfire :azuno