Monday, August 31, 2009

Royce is booooooored D:

This is what I do when I'm bored late at night and everyone is either offline or farming...

We need new dungeons D:
*steals top post position from Ardal*
GTFO with your pink power ranger. Loki is king!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Keep your wrist stern.

^Uriel revealing the path to the nearest Club MeD.


Because light reflected of the surface of water is uber gay.
On a none homosexual note, today me, Lielle, and Kui decided to hunt Dominion.
After Kui killed it, it dropped the Scales soul stone on the first attempt.
TL:dr- Dominion is cool, but tarasque is a dick.

Friday, August 28, 2009

There's such a thing as being ridiculous

So for anyone who bothers to browse the Trade List in game once and a while may fall upon a person named Kendra. Now it seems of late Kendra has been throwing up Selling Posts that are well, utterly ridiculous. Whether it be in the forums or in game the prices the person usually makes are horrendous to say the least.
Now in the link above is Kendra's Trade List. If you quickly skim you'll notice right away the majority of what the person wants is actually not released yet. Now what makes me die reading that post is the first item up for sale. A fairly common dagger, Ichijosei. Kendra seems to think 2 of them are worth a Cursebringer.Should I even say anything apart from this: Har har har.

Now, the funniest thing happened today. Kendra seemingly got a female Western Outfit and decides to attempt to sell it. For what you might ask? Nothing short of a Cloak of the Abyss(Female) PLUS 20 million macca. Fair deal, no?
This seemingly sparked a good laugh in quite a few people because a few people decided it'd be funny to post up Selling offers for a Cloak of the Abyss(f), just for kicks and as you can see below, quite a few have joined in. Ahh,Megaten Drama, how you quench my thirst of giggles.


Thursday, August 27, 2009


Like Royce said, I'm on the "Llv 90 Fever".I have nothing to do (lies, I need mods on 2 sets), so I'm not online as I used to be.Actually, I'm busy irl (oh boy, she haz a life) .So today I was helping Ardal on his awesome demon-making skills, and while he tamed a Raja Naga, I burned down my Duftach's durability on the Apsaras.And yes, I had fun doing that.So I decided one thing: My new goal is 9999 hit someone on PvP.Not hard since I already hit over 9000 (LOL) not incensed on some noobs, but there's no joy on noob-rape, right?

Monday, August 24, 2009

Pew pew!


Finally got a Crimson Dust of Death~

Just need the stupid bird in order to obtain the relic. 100+ runs and still no sighting. Once I DO finally get the plugin, I'm sure I have to use care about 187 times before he coughs it up the relic...

Also, bigger, more important news, Destiny hit level 10 last night! The clan is nearing it's 3rd week of existence, making us the fastest clan to hit level 10 on the server. Congrats to everyone!

You can finally hear me stop QQing about not having any 5x Cups. I played the "Rebirth in a Box" mystery package two times and got a voucher for 50 5x cups and 50 linked melons. Needless to say, my Parvatis are finally done... until the next broken FC set comes out. Praying we get MI set soon.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Gambler Night

Yesterday I was bored (o rly?@,@) looking at the Trade List when suddenly some ppl started to pm me saying "Xay is online :o".Of course I pmed him to check, and it was true.Of course I was surprised, he left the game really fast and I don't think anyone even had the chance to say a decent goodbye.
Then he changed to CH1 and some ppl started to gather around him, and he started a RPS game, and the winner had his items as prize.At the start was like me, Royce, Pearz, cody` and lnstinct playing, then when I saw we had like a dozen of random players just wanting free stuff.
I really didn't counted the time, but someone said we played that RPS game for like 3 hours.I was happy to see him, and sad because he was leaving for real.Most ppl only knew the name "Xay" because he was the first lvl90 in the server, because he used to kill almost everyone with 1-2 hits or because he was the first to hit the Einherjar rank at PvP.But he was more than that.
He was smart, kind, funny, helpful and powerful.He used to invite everyone to party only to judge the player skills.He used to tell jokes, idiot ones and smart ones.He used to help if someone needed.He wasn't a high level noob, everything he had was because he worked for it.In the end, even if you didnt had a friendship with him, you could say he was a friend.
Anyway, in the middle of the RPS thingie, I heard the birds singing and when I noticed, was 6 AM already and I needed some sleep.I pmed him and said a short goodbye, no drama, the way he liked.I just really hope to see him again someday on Megaten or another MMO out there.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I spend my time productively.

My daily routine. (click on the image unless you want to flaunt your awsum eye sight)

I'v been busy latley and only log on for about 2 hours a day, so here's an image of the 42nd tarasque on my hunt. Yea a demon and clothing would have helped i guess. The twin's soul stone would totally be worth it if i had any mind based skills. Good thing i luuurrrrvee amethysts.

Thats it. And take that royce's posts! Ousted to the lower half of the page~~

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

This is how lame I am...

What can I say... I really really like the Shadow Fantasy dress. Sue me for wanting to have matching characters <__<;;

I decided to pick up my gunner again, since Rapid has finally shown it's potential to me. Phacia was my old gunner who had Magic Bullet... but I lethe'd it all away 2 nights ago to change her over to a PvP Rapid build. Still having lots of fun playing melee with Rhuki. Royce is about as close to perfect as I'm going to get with a mage. By no means have I retired the character; Royce will always be my main. However I need something to occupy my time that isn't powerleveling other people or hunting for rares at the moment. Not really in the mood to make a new demon at the moment either, which is rare for me. Got 5 Shining Trapezohedrons though... maybe I'll get lucky with Nyar tonight :o

Also, got some new toys this week. No, they're not perfectly modded (yet), but they're well on their way. Here's me blatantly showing off my new 5-slot Rambus SVD (MaoSmith is easily the BEST gunsmith on the server! I highly recommend her ;D), the illustrious Iron Fan of the Empress, and my old but recently re-modded Mistilteinn:


Monday, August 17, 2009

2x Weekend Wrap-Up

Well, the clan is just slightly over a week old now, and we've already managed to hit level 9. Pretty epic! This weekend was filled with some pretty intense grinding; Lielle finally hit level 90 (major congrats ^^), I managed to somehow hit level 91 without even really trying to level until the 2x event hit. I got my melee-alt Rhuki to level 60 as well. My Loki is pretty beefed up now too... Rank 6 Haglaz/Rank 3 Nauthiz/Rank 4 Tiwaz. Lielle and I also helped cody` make his Nyarlathotep (and help him push for level 86), which already does some pretty massive damage without rebirths. I guess it's time for me to actually make one of my own. *shrug* I just don't wanna farm for the stupid material to make the Shining Trapezohedrons. All in all, I think I did roughly 180-200 Ichi Golds this weekend. I hear Kirins dying in my sleep now.

Lately I've been working on my long list of treasure to hunt... starting with Zhu Que Caverns first. I'm at about 70-80 runs now (I do about 10 runs a day just to keep my sanity), still haven't seen the bird and still no Crimson Dust of Death. Sadly, I need both to make my uberspear D: After I get all that I don't know if I'll hunt for Water Bearer, Bishamonten (3/5 items already), Nyarlathotep, Emperor Sword, Cursebringer/Deathbringer, etc. Lots to do, and it's all more fun than Ichigrind. I'm not really depressed about "lack of content" like most people are right now. I'm pretty hopeful for new stuff (especially with everything that CAVE has pushed out in the past couple weeks JP-side), and the time I have to wait lets me do everything there is to do now. I need to get my demons ready for Lilith and Morrighan when they come out :o

GM Q&A is today at 3pm my time. Hopefully I can find some time while at work to join in for some lulz. Maybe I can ask where I can buy a 5-slotted GM White Fang. Still praying for a good FC tomorrow... aka an FC that doesn't give me Taunt Books.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Uneccesary monolauge: Ardal

(If you can't see the text, or the picture for that matter, well then squint >_>)

Hello person who actually bothers to check this blog (wtf?), i'm Ardal sub-master of destiny. I'v been playing imagine since the first few weeks of CB, and i'm a lvl 78 enhancer now. I was in desire for 3 month's were i learned a majority of what i know about the game.

I spend most of my time hunting some type of field boss, in wich the value of the prize is very disproportionate to the amount of time spent (lolmmos). Currently killing tarasque boss in large numbers. And when i'm not doing that i'm wasteing time strokeing my ego in pvp. So you can find me in either fate or shinjuku docks.

I recently finished my pvp demon, and am now working on a few other demons. No pics right now. I'll make a seperate post high lighting my demons.

- Area were a screen shot should be, but too bad right?-

Well that's it for now. Go play basket ball or something.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Economic Crisis: Pixel Shortage

I've said it once and I'll say it a thousand times more:


Today Liza was telling me that someone was trying to sell Demon 3x above the price of Player 3x. That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, since Player XP is universal, while Demon XP is non-selectable instant use. I have about 25 Parvatis to crystalize, but there's no way in hell I'm even trying to level all those. 64-65 is annoying without Demon XP... and I'm so lazy at this point I'd rather just 5x Cup all of them and use melons to crystalize them. 34% on FM isn't exactly odds in your favor.

I'll be the first to admit it... the FC Consumables Trade-In Event is fantastic. I'm happy getting a White Phoenix voucher in exchange for my useless ECO-HP (Demons) and Mirrors of Physical/Magical Reflection. However I'm seeing people trade in stuff that's actually needed in the marketplace, like 5x Mastery, Mirrors, Demon XP, etc etc. My question is quite simple: Where the hell are all these items going? Maybe tomorrow's patch will implement a giant FC-Consumables Landfill in Shibuya. I'd personally like to see the GMs give out this stuff as prizes for events (as opposed to USELESS things like Amrita and Soma). I'm fairly certain the items will all be deleted, but one can hope D:

I know a good portion of the community shares my sentiments on the lack of GOOD consumables in the FCs lately. Heck, this is the thrid time in about a month we've seen Dutchaf. At this point I think almost every AP-spending mage and melee have one. Maybe we'll get lucky and have 7 Sisters in tomorrow's batch.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Lielle who?

Hello, I'm Lielle, Sub-Master of Destiny.I play Imagine since the 1st day of CB, and I was a gunner for around 7 months, and now I'm a lvl 89 Fail-Mage.I was in Desire for enough time to think of it as a family, but I've felt like I was living on another person's success.That's my reason to help Roy with Destiny (the name was my idea, rawr).

And yes, I'm lazy.I don't ask for party, I just wait someone to call me.I play for fun, friends, and of course, I have a little ego that I like to feed, like any decent player.I like when someone work for a goal, and I like to help.Since I'm playing for a long time, I have a decent knowledge about the game, so if you need someone to answer questions, kill horses or tell jokes, call me.I'm usually AFK on my pole (between Armor and Weapon shop, CH1 Babel).

For now, I only use a poor Scathach that I love.It's a hybrid pvp/pve demon, not perfect in any, but useful in both.I'm working on her while I work on a full pvp demon too:

That's all for now, nice to meet you ;D

Friday, August 7, 2009

Introducing Royce

For those of you who don't know me, I'm Royce; Clan Master of Destiny.
I'm a level 90 Chaos mage (Demolition Dash, Curse of the Wretched, Enhancement) as well as a level 57 fail-synther known as Syntheia. Don't let me near your demons, I promise I'll make them Trusting D:

I've been playing Megaten for about 6 months now; hoping to see some new content soon (*coughcough Demon Quests coughcough Celu Gold coughcough*), but that's not stopping me from enjoying the community. I plan to start working on my new melee character more often, as well as EVENTUALLY obtain the Bishamonten Plugin. I'm a treasure hunter at heart and love getting new shinies. Someday I'll go Law (because it's the SMART thing to do), but there's nothing worth moving for right now until the new crystals/Morrighan comes out... so until then Loki is my BFF.

Speaking of demons, that's my biggest passion: creating new demons with custom skill-sets. I think the demon fusion system adds alot of longevity to this series, and it's the thing that drives most people insane. My two favorite demon-families are Earth Mothers and Tyrants. I've become quite skilled at making fusion trees and custom skill sets for people, so if you need help by all means ask me. I'm a fusion-expert who just so happens to be a halfway decent mage :/

Here's a few examples of what I've made over the last 6 months:


Feel free to contact me for anything in game, be it advice on gears,
demon fusion or just to chat. I'm alot nicer than you probably think ^^

Welcome to Clan Destiny!

Welcome to the Clan Destiny blog! Here we will announce events, leaves of absence, and have an outlet for our views and opinions on the happenings in Shin Megami Tensei: Online. Anyone in the community is more than welcome to share their opinions here as well.

Clan Destiny has been formed from the remaining crew of Clan Desire. We all will have fond memories of the great clan we all called home, but will continue to grow and pass along the strong sense of pride and bonds we shared under the Desire banner. None of us would be where we are today if it weren't for Ashura, Xay, Buffie, Taki, Atheyal, Iya, and countless others who helped us become the players we are. You aren't forgotten, and we hope you are all continuing to set positive examples in whatever endeavours you find yourselves in.

If you are interested in joining our clan, by all means PM anyone of us to discuss it or fill out our clan application found on the Aeria Games Forums.