Friday, August 21, 2009

Gambler Night

Yesterday I was bored (o rly?@,@) looking at the Trade List when suddenly some ppl started to pm me saying "Xay is online :o".Of course I pmed him to check, and it was true.Of course I was surprised, he left the game really fast and I don't think anyone even had the chance to say a decent goodbye.
Then he changed to CH1 and some ppl started to gather around him, and he started a RPS game, and the winner had his items as prize.At the start was like me, Royce, Pearz, cody` and lnstinct playing, then when I saw we had like a dozen of random players just wanting free stuff.
I really didn't counted the time, but someone said we played that RPS game for like 3 hours.I was happy to see him, and sad because he was leaving for real.Most ppl only knew the name "Xay" because he was the first lvl90 in the server, because he used to kill almost everyone with 1-2 hits or because he was the first to hit the Einherjar rank at PvP.But he was more than that.
He was smart, kind, funny, helpful and powerful.He used to invite everyone to party only to judge the player skills.He used to tell jokes, idiot ones and smart ones.He used to help if someone needed.He wasn't a high level noob, everything he had was because he worked for it.In the end, even if you didnt had a friendship with him, you could say he was a friend.
Anyway, in the middle of the RPS thingie, I heard the birds singing and when I noticed, was 6 AM already and I needed some sleep.I pmed him and said a short goodbye, no drama, the way he liked.I just really hope to see him again someday on Megaten or another MMO out there.


  1. omg Xay left? ;_;
    I already quit the game but ahhhhh that still makes me sad for some reason...

  2. He left right after hit 92 ;/
    Too bad, it's rare to see good players like him today ._.