Monday, August 17, 2009

2x Weekend Wrap-Up

Well, the clan is just slightly over a week old now, and we've already managed to hit level 9. Pretty epic! This weekend was filled with some pretty intense grinding; Lielle finally hit level 90 (major congrats ^^), I managed to somehow hit level 91 without even really trying to level until the 2x event hit. I got my melee-alt Rhuki to level 60 as well. My Loki is pretty beefed up now too... Rank 6 Haglaz/Rank 3 Nauthiz/Rank 4 Tiwaz. Lielle and I also helped cody` make his Nyarlathotep (and help him push for level 86), which already does some pretty massive damage without rebirths. I guess it's time for me to actually make one of my own. *shrug* I just don't wanna farm for the stupid material to make the Shining Trapezohedrons. All in all, I think I did roughly 180-200 Ichi Golds this weekend. I hear Kirins dying in my sleep now.

Lately I've been working on my long list of treasure to hunt... starting with Zhu Que Caverns first. I'm at about 70-80 runs now (I do about 10 runs a day just to keep my sanity), still haven't seen the bird and still no Crimson Dust of Death. Sadly, I need both to make my uberspear D: After I get all that I don't know if I'll hunt for Water Bearer, Bishamonten (3/5 items already), Nyarlathotep, Emperor Sword, Cursebringer/Deathbringer, etc. Lots to do, and it's all more fun than Ichigrind. I'm not really depressed about "lack of content" like most people are right now. I'm pretty hopeful for new stuff (especially with everything that CAVE has pushed out in the past couple weeks JP-side), and the time I have to wait lets me do everything there is to do now. I need to get my demons ready for Lilith and Morrighan when they come out :o

GM Q&A is today at 3pm my time. Hopefully I can find some time while at work to join in for some lulz. Maybe I can ask where I can buy a 5-slotted GM White Fang. Still praying for a good FC tomorrow... aka an FC that doesn't give me Taunt Books.

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