Wednesday, August 19, 2009

This is how lame I am...

What can I say... I really really like the Shadow Fantasy dress. Sue me for wanting to have matching characters <__<;;

I decided to pick up my gunner again, since Rapid has finally shown it's potential to me. Phacia was my old gunner who had Magic Bullet... but I lethe'd it all away 2 nights ago to change her over to a PvP Rapid build. Still having lots of fun playing melee with Rhuki. Royce is about as close to perfect as I'm going to get with a mage. By no means have I retired the character; Royce will always be my main. However I need something to occupy my time that isn't powerleveling other people or hunting for rares at the moment. Not really in the mood to make a new demon at the moment either, which is rare for me. Got 5 Shining Trapezohedrons though... maybe I'll get lucky with Nyar tonight :o

Also, got some new toys this week. No, they're not perfectly modded (yet), but they're well on their way. Here's me blatantly showing off my new 5-slot Rambus SVD (MaoSmith is easily the BEST gunsmith on the server! I highly recommend her ;D), the illustrious Iron Fan of the Empress, and my old but recently re-modded Mistilteinn:


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  1. We should look for an empress tarot for that fan :o