Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Uneccesary monolauge: Ardal

(If you can't see the text, or the picture for that matter, well then squint >_>)

Hello person who actually bothers to check this blog (wtf?), i'm Ardal sub-master of destiny. I'v been playing imagine since the first few weeks of CB, and i'm a lvl 78 enhancer now. I was in desire for 3 month's were i learned a majority of what i know about the game.

I spend most of my time hunting some type of field boss, in wich the value of the prize is very disproportionate to the amount of time spent (lolmmos). Currently killing tarasque boss in large numbers. And when i'm not doing that i'm wasteing time strokeing my ego in pvp. So you can find me in either fate or shinjuku docks.

I recently finished my pvp demon, and am now working on a few other demons. No pics right now. I'll make a seperate post high lighting my demons.

- Area were a screen shot should be, but too bad right?-

Well that's it for now. Go play basket ball or something.

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