Saturday, August 8, 2009

Lielle who?

Hello, I'm Lielle, Sub-Master of Destiny.I play Imagine since the 1st day of CB, and I was a gunner for around 7 months, and now I'm a lvl 89 Fail-Mage.I was in Desire for enough time to think of it as a family, but I've felt like I was living on another person's success.That's my reason to help Roy with Destiny (the name was my idea, rawr).

And yes, I'm lazy.I don't ask for party, I just wait someone to call me.I play for fun, friends, and of course, I have a little ego that I like to feed, like any decent player.I like when someone work for a goal, and I like to help.Since I'm playing for a long time, I have a decent knowledge about the game, so if you need someone to answer questions, kill horses or tell jokes, call me.I'm usually AFK on my pole (between Armor and Weapon shop, CH1 Babel).

For now, I only use a poor Scathach that I love.It's a hybrid pvp/pve demon, not perfect in any, but useful in both.I'm working on her while I work on a full pvp demon too:

That's all for now, nice to meet you ;D


  1. Not perfect? LIEZ.
    Also there goes this blogs comment virginity :P

  2. Yeah, noob Scathatch is noob.

    Try harder Lielle. No really...

  3. Dear Lielle~ <3
    This is Iya. Just stopping by to say hi :D