Friday, August 28, 2009

There's such a thing as being ridiculous

So for anyone who bothers to browse the Trade List in game once and a while may fall upon a person named Kendra. Now it seems of late Kendra has been throwing up Selling Posts that are well, utterly ridiculous. Whether it be in the forums or in game the prices the person usually makes are horrendous to say the least.
Now in the link above is Kendra's Trade List. If you quickly skim you'll notice right away the majority of what the person wants is actually not released yet. Now what makes me die reading that post is the first item up for sale. A fairly common dagger, Ichijosei. Kendra seems to think 2 of them are worth a Cursebringer.Should I even say anything apart from this: Har har har.

Now, the funniest thing happened today. Kendra seemingly got a female Western Outfit and decides to attempt to sell it. For what you might ask? Nothing short of a Cloak of the Abyss(Female) PLUS 20 million macca. Fair deal, no?
This seemingly sparked a good laugh in quite a few people because a few people decided it'd be funny to post up Selling offers for a Cloak of the Abyss(f), just for kicks and as you can see below, quite a few have joined in. Ahh,Megaten Drama, how you quench my thirst of giggles.


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