Saturday, November 7, 2009

In the words of Royce: "Megi-BBQ"

So I started PvPing this week, and today I decided it'd be fun to whore PvP up a tad.
It seems I've already carved a name for myself with some people. As seen below.


Now, I'm sure as all of you know, DG666 is level 93, can self pulse probably better than me, and in some cases incenses. In my case, I'm level 73, with pretty good gears but a low self-pulse and I only have 7.3 DM. Now, this guy says, my Hex+(Ardal) pulsed Megidos do more than hers?
Wow really, that's just a huge ego-boost for me.

After awhile my Megidos sporadically decreased in damage, due to me running around solo with my 50% pulses lulz. As seen below that was a godsend to some.


All in all, I'm having fun and being called out for incense gives me a hard on. Please keep saying it <3


  1. hard on 0.0

    What gives you a orgasm then?

    haxxorrrr!!!!??? XD