Wednesday, November 25, 2009

DE -> US Merger?

Well, welcome to the beginning of the end for the US server.

Today Aeria announced the closure of the German server of Imagine (final date of service 12/21). All players are given the option for up to 3 of their characters (above level 15) to be transferred to the US server of "Megatem." As far as their equipment goes, I'm unsure... but I'm assuming they get the whole nine yards in transferring.

That being said, upon visiting the DE forums... pretty much no one knows what they're talking about. Clown Mace is apparently the end-game weapon for mages, even though I've seen DE server videos with bare-minimum a Spear of Dutchaf... but who uses fire in Ichi Gold anyway? They recommend learning Medical Sciences. People also seem to be okay with the sales of in-game items in the item mall. Sadly, that means Cursebringers, Deathbringers, and Vision Dream of Darkness (the in-game extra Tokisada drops that no US player has obtained) will all become (even more) vanity than they were before. All said items were available via the DE item mall or tiered spending promos (hell they even made a promo where tiers included Dromi and Gleipnir...).

I'm not sure what version of the game they're running at the moment (as it seems they're not on the same patch as us; no mention of Regal Presence on the forums, and everyone seems to think Magic Control is useless), so I can't really fairly judge their characters against ours. However, they do have not only one, but two servers to observe and learn from. Considering one of those servers' forums are merely a few clicks from their own, it's hard to come up with enough excuses for being uneducated.

So be prepared for slightly more retardation in the near future. I know there's a group of elitists over there that are surely going to transfer, so let's have some lulz with them (^-^

(P.S. Ragequit over <3)


  1. Serka (TheMightyLaharl)November 25, 2009 at 10:10 AM

    I talked with a gm over there and he confirmed that they are allowed to keep all their items, sans the ones that aren't attainable on our server yet (pretty much only some shitty yukatas and the ulyssus ring, which was in a 10k AP promo over there if anyone cares).
    And yea, their server is still in the pre-pvp patch state.

    Oh, and I haven't heard anything about them selling Cursebringers in the IM o,o . Deathbringer Gun, yes. Curse and the Axe? Nope.

    Regarding that clown mace thingy... all I can say is lulz. Gear wise they are at the Seraphic/Phoenix stage right now. So there really is no reason to use Clownmace (as endgame weapon at least), don't even wanna talk about those fools who rather bought a MADMAX than an AVALON even tho both cost the same (3,9k AP) just because that WooXy (think thats his name) claimed that Spread >>> Penetrate in his "Utterly Awesome Gunner Guide" ... >_>

  2. Someone told me they had the Cursebringers and Deathbringers in the IM for a short amount of time at the same price as the Hautecleure... perhaps my source was mistaken.


    I can't wait to see WooXy on US server. I already declare him as the new village idiot.

  3. "Wir behalten uns vor gegen entsprechende Entschädigung aus Gründen des Balancings bestimmte Gegenstände nicht zu transferieren, da einige Gegenstände auf dem US-Server noch nicht verfügbar sind."

    Feel free to use the Google Translator, but here is my (native) translation: We reserve the right to exchange items for an adequate compensation because of balancing, as certain items are not available on the US-Server yet.

    Im not sure if those Toki-Extras/Deathbringers/other items are included, but I suppose we will all know.

    But seriously, it is somewhat weird that they didnt even try to visit the english forums to educate themselves...All we USED TO HAVE, was Fifi...

  4. I'm sad how that thing seems to kill german reputation one more time... I'm ashamed there are people that don't use english sources to educate themself cause hey we got an awsome schoolsystem in which we all learned english (Yeah i'm german and i'm proud of it and i know how to speak english too).
    For those who will come to our server with that attitudes... I just hope they'll take the advices of older players cause they literally look like a group of kids to me.
    Cheers, Fallen

  5. lolz. maybe i should back to all rapid

    i might blow there minds :O

    more people tho. im always happy for that.

  6. Funny thing is...

    I vaguely remember someone named WooXy in the clan Inactive.

    ...but he was a Gunner not a Mage.

  7. Message from aliascent :
    guys , the french server is about to close too . Be prepared for a massive n00b invasion, and massive bp farming in pvp , since it wasn't implemented in the Fr server , and everyone wanted that. Time for bagpack/blaze of ambition/whatever ...

  8. "Was passiert mit Angriffskarten (die nicht mehr in US sind)?

    Ihr behaltet diese Karten"

    They are keeping the Attacker's Cards(which we banned)...

  9. WHAT?! They really gonna take over the cards?! D= Thats awful unfair. Bad enough they get AP-presents for switching and chartransfers and now even attack cards?!

    Seriously, that's NUTS .-.

  10. Leave them alone with their cards, they probably need it to match up to us. It will be gone eventually.


  11. They can hoard on them. So they can buy 12 1-month cards and bug us with them for a year

  12. Serka (TheMightyLaharl)November 29, 2009 at 9:40 AM

    "Anonymous said...

    They can hoard on them. So they can buy 12 1-month cards and bug us with them for a year"

    The german Item Mall closed shortly before the playerbase was informed that their server will be shut down. So unless someone stocked up on those cards beforehand (unlikely if i may add) there really isn't much to fear.

  13. To the Anon above me. That would be true if it wasn't for the fact Attacker cards are sold in game in the Comp shop. So unless they disabled that too, they have plenty of time to hoarde them.

  14. as pearz said, they are gonna need those cards to match us in pvp.

    I'd like to see em try.

    If they dont have regal precense in thier server, they are going to be in shock when they discover some of our builds (aka regal DD and regal melees, hell even regal enhancers).

    Lets spread the love shall we? =P


  15. Serka (TheMightyLaharl)November 30, 2009 at 8:19 AM

    "Tanarin said...

    To the Anon above me. That would be true if it wasn't for the fact Attacker cards are sold in game in the Comp shop. So unless they disabled that too, they have plenty of time to hoarde them."

    I didn't post anonymous tana. And with saying "Item Mall" I was also referring to the ingame "Item Mall" (-> Comp Shop). You can't even buy character tickets over there anymore lolz.

  16. Your comments about some of my german mates sound funny, but sadly they´re true. Many players were not even able to read/write in german, asking the same stupid questions again and again.

    I just feel sorry for them. The german port of MegaTen has been the most epic fail I´ve ever seen so far. They released patches that didn´t work and even made the game non-playable.

    What about testing? I guess nothing at all. There have been rumors, that they used a completely different codebase, instead of just translating the existing one.

    It´s just a shame...