Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Random Thoughts....

So, not much amazingly new in the world of Megaten this week. I've been making the level 93 demons at the moment; Wu Kong is broken as all hell and I want like 9000 of them, Beiji-Weng is oogly and underwhelming... but Mudoon is pretty cool (and his SS will be too!). Gonna make Phantom tonight, I'm sure he'll be nothing to write about, but I want him regardless.

Fail FCs are fail this week; more Anti-Demon sets (what is this, the third reissue? fourth?) and some guns that no one needs. My money is on Abyss Mystery Box this week in Item Mall, or something else will get thrown in there to make up for sales. GM Xandamere is once again on the Megaten team (what a relief, we have a voice of reason again), so be sure to welcome him back here. For those who care about fashion, Theena and iBleach started the Mega FC Blog, which covers all of the in-game apparal. LoveGuardian has started a blog as well. As most can recall, I was a little hard on him in a recent post. It seems as though he's seen the error in his recent behavior and is trying to overcome his newfound reputation. I know how hard it is overcoming an ego problem, much less admitting to being somewhat of an arrogant ass, so LG if you read this-- you have a clean slate with me.

New GS applications are up, as is the feedback thread (which as always starts out as brown-nosing... and quickly turns to defecating on one another). I really truly don't care who gets it... as long as they're helpful with the newer players in Home III and spend less time in Babel. I've been asked numerous times if I plan to run for GS; the answer is still no. Yes, I have considered it, but truth of the matter is I'm just not cut out to deal with medial tasks like filing behavior reports. If I only had to do dungeon runs, help plan events and occasionally help with player's problems I'd be fine. I love helping people out when they're willing to actually listen and absorb what's to be learned, but the people on our server are somewhat... irritating?
I could be a good GS if I wanted to, I just would rather do something else with my time.

I'm starting back to the PvP grind tonight (Go Chaos!), so hope to see some of you all in there ;o

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  1. Actually, no, I DON'T hope seeing you there. I have enough dura rape with Paci, her Loki and Chaos's wolfpacks. -_-