Monday, November 30, 2009

Shin Megami Tensei Imagine II: Simon's Quest

So the teaser/countdown site for Second Wave is up, with "Chain of Curse" being the subtitle.
Now, while I'm extremely excited to actually see new content getting churned out, I can't help but think one thing upon looking at everything so far; it looks like a freaking Castlevania game.

Here's the logo for Chain of Curse:

...and here's a typical Castlevania logo:

Looks oddly similar, doesn't it? Also, for some strange reason, the shadowy-demon looming over the city looks like Dracula from Castlevania II: Simon's Quest...

Good-old 8-bit Drac:

...mystery antagonist(?):

And stepping beyond the Castlevania comparisons, this whole image seems to draw inspiration from the cult film Tokyo: The Last Megalopolis (or it's animated rendition, Doomed Megalopolis):

Anyway, I'm not really complaining; it's nice to see that they're still making new content for this game. I find it ironic it all seems a little bit cliche`, but that's forgivable. I think what I miss most about SMT games were the mild cyberpunk-esque undertones of the first two Shin Megami Tensei titles... we seem to be deviating from that more and more as time progresses. I think that's what was a major letdown for me with Nocturne, which ended up being a good game in it's own right... it just lacked the grittiness of the original games.

Long story short, if you end up becoming cursed, and having to collect, oh I don't know... General Gotoh's body parts that have been scattered all over Tokyo, and the only way to remove the curse is to collect all his body parts, summon him from the dead and kill him again... Konami is getting a phonecall.


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