Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Since Aeria can't run J-Server events...

I swear, it seems like every single time I update the blog, something else post-worthy happens. Who knows, maybe Aeria's logic is bad press > no press...

Anyway, after yesterday's broken promise, Aeria's Producers and Cave (see also: the new scapegoats... inb4 "my dog calls the shots on how content is released" comments) decided they weren't giving the community the shaft enough, so they decided to go above and beyond the call of asshattery.

Aeria Staff: The community seems to sincerely dislike our mystery boxes.

Aeria Producer: Well you all had better find a way to sell these things.

Aeria Staff: What if we did something like this?
Aeria Producer: FUCKING GENIUS! Have my secretary hold my calls, I'll be pleasuring myself in my office.

And there you have it. Mystery box solution = putting a mystery box inside of a mystery box. As if you had a chance of actually winning the top prize in these boxes, now you have an even less of a chance of actually getting the Summon PG you want. It prints fucking money.

Here's where all the vouchers originally came from:

Demon Voucher 1: Joyful Alice
Demon Voucher 2: Inexperienced Elf/Inexperienced Succubus/Inexperienced Jikokuten
  • I'm unsure on the specifics of this one since there's no campaign page (that I've found yet), but pro-tool Google Translator says "Campaign GW reward for perfect attendance"
    Demon Voucher 3: Inexperienced Lilim/Inexperienced Andras/Inexperienced Hathor
    • Imagine Summer Festival 2007
      Create a new character and reach Lvl 11 during the duration of the event.
    Summon PG-- Fuji: Shining Shishimai Frost
    Summon PG-- Electric Shock: Shocking Cait Sith
    Voucher ( Demon Helper ): Fresh Poltergeist/Fresh Archangel/Fresh Harpy
    • Unsure of specifics again, quoted: "Goo or OCN GAME Game Start Campaign"
    Summon PG-- Inexperienced Thoth: Inexperienced Thoth 
    Summon PG-- Inexperienced Okuninushi: Inexperienced Okuninushi
    Summon PG-- Hawk: Shishimai Frost
    Summon PG-- Eggplant: Inexperienced Shishimai Frost 
    I find it ironic that Aeria states we're not the J-Server and can't run J-Server events, yet they have time to make up the "Bad Acts" series. How hard is it to make up smaller monthly/seasonal events with the same prizes from the J-Server?

    Am I the only person who was disappointed with the Kuchinawa Cave email? Oh 200AP and non-repairable Frost Cameo Ring... how my heart races for you~


    1. Two Tumourous thumbs up for this, now brb while I go die some more

    2. Hmmm....maybe you should address the GMs that made the comment about the Hack Chips in the first place.

    3. @ Anon-

      What exactly does that have to do about Mystery Boxes with non-AP demon vouchers being sold for AP?

      Did you actually even read the post? Last time I checked this has nothing to do with the AP Hack. Try again ^_^

    4. ENC Dramatica isn't work-safe you know. And Lolzorz

    5. Clearly they failed that box hardcore. To make the perfect equal and fair chance for a good prize they need:

      Easter Bunny Mystery Box
      Contains: Easter Egg Basket + Shitton Fillers

      Easter Egg Basket contains amazing fillers and an Easter Egg as top prize


    6. A lot of people I know, including myself, didn't even get the 200AP that email came with. Just the stupid ring...

    7. " A lot of people I know, including myself, didn't even get the 200AP that email came with. "

      i'm still waiting for it too.
      Also , the comicstrip was epic .


    8. Trust me, Aeria has no logic. You want proof? read the last 4-6 RTs I sent in and thier responces. seriusly, I have to go to my logic professor to use logical arguements to try and make them understand, thier responces to me have been hypocritical. A logic professor + innocent college student getting a bachelor degree vs uneducated college/high school dropouts....hmmm

    9. I can see that Aeria DOESN'T want to become a jp-clone server.

      However that should mean more and better events, not worse-promos.

      Itsa box-in-a-box!

      I forgot about my 200ap

    10. Fail Mystery Box is fail.

      I really don't like it when they sell non-AP items for AP. >_< I don't get why they seem so against doing similar events as the JP server in order to give out those event-related items.

      @Ayaki: Apparently they weren't processing the 200AP payouts until after the time to enter the event codes ended, which was yesterday, 3/31. I bet we'll have to wait the whole '5-7 business days' to get it now... whee~~~ /sarcasm :P


      Stolen from Niimura lolz
      clearly aeria isnt thinking much