Sunday, March 28, 2010

Non-Imagine Update

Over the last two weeks it's been nice to take a bit of a break (regardless of it being forced or not) from Imagine. I've had the opportunity to catch up on some other games, got my bass playing chops back up to speed and a few other things. A few highlights include:

Lunar: Silver Star Harmony
For all intents and purposes, Lunar is the Star Wars of RPGs for me. There's other RPGs that may have been more "cutting edge," had a "better story" or whatever; but this was the game that won me over as an RPG fan. This marks the 4th edition of the original game in the series (Sega CD, Sega Saturn/PSX, Gameboy Advance, and now PSP). This version sees yet another graphical update, Alex (the main character) actually has a decent amount of dialogue now, all the original voice actors have been redubbed and all the songs have completely redone lyrics. Personally, I loved the voice cast from the Working Designs releases (as well as the original song lyrics), and it takes a lot out of the game for me as a fan of the originals. There's also a new playable opening that  focuses on the Four Heros. While this is fairly cool for a backstory aspect, I would have much rather seen an actual prequel with the Four Heroes instead (and let's just all pretend that Lunar: Dragon Song does not exist). The special abilites from the Gameboy Advance version have found their way onto this release as well, which is a nice added bonus.

In short, this is not the definitive version of Lunar. It's a fantastic release nonetheless and I highly suggest it if you're craving an oldschool RPG. However, if you have a PSX and really want to experience the magic of Lunar, I can't recommend Silver Star Story: Complete enough.

Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey
I'm only 16 hours into the game so far, so giving an actual review is a little unfair at this point. What I've played up to this point has been fun. It's a pretty standard SMT game, with a few new additional things like the Demon Co-Op Attack System, Demon Sources, and the Analyze System. Personally I'm slightly disappointed in a few things being taken out (i.e. the Heretic Mansion is gone, no towns, no world map, and I really miss the Press-Turn battle system), but I think most of it was taken out at the sake of portability. I can't complain too much, at least it's not another Persona/Avatar Tuner game. I would have preferred the original Devil Summoner or Soul Hackers to get a US release instead.The story/gameplay feels like a biproduct of what would happen if you put Shin Megami Tensei, John Carpenter's The Thing and Metroid Fusion in a blender. I'm also waiting for Arthur to go HAL 9000 on me a la 2001: A Space Odyseey. 
Words of the wise: Save Often

Let it be known, I don't watch a whole lot of anime. I picked up Kämpfer last week after a few people told me to check it out, and despite all the bad press it recieved, I loved it. It's a hybrid harem/magical girl/gender-bender anime (think Rosario + Vampire meets Ranma 1/2). There's nothing groundbreaking here, just lots of laugh-out-loud humor and a likeable cast of characters (minus Sakura, what a bitch). My favorite character hands down was Akane, close second being Shizuku... and you can't help but love the Entrails Animals. I really hope this show gets picked up for a second season, as this season was only 12 episodes, and it really felt like they were merely setting the stage for things to come. If you enjoy mildly perverted humor and mutilated stuffed animals, I say check it's worth Kämpfer out.

Foxy Shazam
Last Sunday Foxy Shazam came to San Antonio, and as usual they put on one hell of a live performance. I actually went to school with their keyboardist Sky White, so whenever they're in town they typically come by my place to hang out and stay the night. They have a new album coming out on April 13th. I have to be honest, I really don't like their new material every much. It's hard to believe that after experimental and spastic albums like The Flamingo Trigger and Introducing, they're following it all up with area rock that sounds like a modern-day Queen. It's not bad, but it certainly isn't the Foxy Shazam I've spent 5 years listening to. Their live show hasn't suffered one bit though. They still have several tour dates left, and if they're coming to your town it'll be a show you'll never forget.


  1. B>second season of Kampfer also

  2. I hate perv-comedy shows, but Kampfer is somehow different. And Strange Journey made me skip more hours of sleep than Pokemon Soul Silver, and that's REALLY rare to me. I'm so curious about so much stuff, the game is pretty big and at the same time the entertainment keep going better. Well, sometimes it's retarded how Mudo can fuck you.

  3. "Ohi Demon with Hama/Mudo that i encounter after several hours of non-saving. Nuuuu not on the main!!! ... Oh fuck Dx"

    The most commen "Oh-Shit"-moment in SJ i guess ._.

    I still like the game cause it's story is seriously awsome.

  4. Yeah, I'm on day 2 of ragequit after being Mudo'd by a shitty level 11 Ubu. It's seriously degrading to lose 2 hours of maxing out Analyze Data for Demon Sources by getting one-shot by what appears to be the Frankenstein Babydoll/Erector Set spider from Toy Story.

    I could have sworn I was wearing my Null Dark armor too (#゚Д゚)

  5. lol @ royce's shocked (cutoff) azn fayse.
    and I SPY A NUEFAYSE. D;
    /waaaaaaant. >':
    /relinquishes playing any games until she finishes the first.. 10. (◎д◎; )

  6. D: still no anti-priacy patch yet for strange journey.................