Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Since Bleach doesn't understand how devils work...

So in today's patch we received the update with the AP Alpha Hack. Aeria at one point stated that it was not in their business model to release the plug-ins for these devils in this fashion. I pointed this out via forums (which was locked faster than I had hoped for) which resulted in Bleach basically admitting he's the biggest idiot on the server.

First off, I'd like to say I sincerely dislike Evilbleachman.

Now that that's out of the way, I really fail to see how someone who doesn't understand the mechanics of the game is a GameSage. It's a well known fact that's the only demons that Bleach ever summons are his Little Demon Lilim and Nightmare Jack Frost. .That alone should show exactly how little he knows about devils... but he felt the need to further prove he knows shit-all about the subject by implying demons obtained from vouchers are the same thing as plug-ins. So I'd like to take this opportunity to explain the difference between a devil that comes from a Demon Voucher and a devil that's made from Demon Fusion. I wasn't aware this was a hard concept to grasp, but apparently for our beloved GameSage it's a tricky subject.

Let's look at the 1-Year Anniversary Joyful Alice versus the Alpha Hack Plug-in Alice:

Joyful Alice:
Base Level: 1
Base Skills: Death Touch, Hell's Eye, Defensive Stance, Makarakarn
Learned Skills: Counter (2), Mudo (5), Dormina (9) Petra Eyes (15), Eternal Sleep (20), Vamp Cyclone (25), Magic Tea Party (30), Mahatarunda (36), Megido (43), Absolute Zero (50), Void Death (58), 30 Percent Life Boost (66), Bufudyne (74), Anti-Fire (83), Megidora (92), Megidoraon (99)
*Cannot fuse with other demons*
Base Level: 35
Base Skills: Death Touch, Hell's Eye, Defensive Stance, Mudo 
Learned Skills: Counter (36), Mahamudo (37), Dormina (38), Petra Eyes (39), Eternal Sleep (40), Vamp Cyclone (43), Magic Tea Party (45), Mahatarunda (48), Megido (50), Absolute Zero (52), Void Death (55), 30 Percent MP Boost (58), Bufudyne (62), Anti-Fire (65), Megidora (70), Megidoraon (80)
*Can fuse with other demons*

Inb4 GSiBleach says: "But Joyful Alice learns skills at lower levels! Why would you want to fuse away your Alice?! She's so kawaii-dess~"

In comparison, they have similar skillsets. However, for those of us who actually play the game and aren't trapped-in-the-closet fashionistas, having a fuseable demon with the Void Death skill would be very handy. Sure, there is always Loa who learns Void Death at 93, but that's a totally different story. There's also the Alice fanboys (also see: pedos) who might want to make their own Alice with their own skillset with moves she doesn't learn on her own. The same goes for the Little Demon Lilim. 

Apparently the latter half of the Bleach discussion was deleted, but the term "vanity" was thrown around in regards to Mara. Let's take a look at Mara for a moment:

Base Level: 95
Base Skills: Body Slam, Rampage, Fierce Counter, Vamp Cyclone, Soul Suck, Megidora, Anti-Death, Anti-Expel
Learned Skills: Dekaja (96), Mahamudoon (96), Megidoraon (96), Sexy Eyes (97), Void Ice (97), Mazandyne (97)
  • Technician: -30% cooldown to all skills
  • Acme of Wit: 0 MP Cost to all skills
  • Fruits of Labor: 0 HP Cost to all skills
  • Force Boost: +50% damage to Force-based skills

---Physical Resistance---
Slash130%PierceResist 50%Blunt130%

---Other Resistance---
FireResist 50%IceResist 50%Electric70%
ForceResist 20%
(Reflect 100%)
ExpelResist 50%DeathResist 50%
(Reflect 100%)
NerveResist 50%
(Void 100%)
MindResist 50%
(Void 100%)

I don't know about you all, but I think Mara doesn't seem that "vanity" to me, and it shouldn't to anyone else (unless you have a fetish for dick-demons). Sure there's better demons out there, but defaulting with Anti-Death (previously only attainable on our server via leveling Thoth to 92) and Anti-Expel (previously unavailable) makes him a bit more useful than a Nightmare Jack Frost. Mara is also currently the only way of obtaining Mahamudoon, the AoE verison of Mudoon (10% chance of inflicting instant-death).

So Bleach, I challenge you to actually do something other than collect clothes and pretend like you used to be good at this game. At this point the whole server is laughing at how much of a complete failure you are.


  1. Uh, someone called my name...?

    Oh, you were just talking about generic Alice fanboys... Never mind me then. >_> Run along, run along, there's nothing to see here. D:

  2. I think anyone who read that thread has to admit... Bleach looked like a total idiot in that thread. >__>

    I also find it amusing (in a sick and twisted sort of way) that of all the issues to come up since he became GS again, that thread is the only one I saw him post in. >_> It's almost like he was dispatched to derail the thread in order to get it locked. /conspiracy theory >_>

    I mean... *cough* Risa doesn't believe in conspiracy theories... nope... >__>;

  3. bleachman = closet gay weee lets all go play dress up! Hate to see his room irl... probably got some weird shit laying around >.>

  4. Based on mara's skills and stats we can assume that Mishaguji sama starts with Freikugel and absorbs almighty. Phallus is a pretty kewl guy.

  5. Bleach didn't like the pic I made of her-him.

    I'd share it all, but unfortunately I lost it and GMs deleted my post for being distasteful. :<

    I like penis demons :<

    Pardon while I go find pixie wings.

  6. Mom you're godlike <3 You should seriously change you Job to write articles for a big newspaper. It would sure give out some benefit for ya PLUS I would finally enjoy reading the newspaper <3

    Also: I totally love the "also see: Pedo" part xD It's freaking hilarious. And Bleach obviously fails at everything he does... But that's nothing new, eh?

    Regards, Fallen o/

  7. Maybe I am wrong, but isn't technician a -50% cooldown for all skills, and fruits of labor a -50% hp cost for hp skills? (idk i just allways thought that's what they were, if not, exclude this helpful correction attempt suggestion.

    Regarding IBleach, in his defence, I can see he felt like he must support whatever the gms happydidoodaa wanna do, but ass kissing isn't going to make the community(one whos going to pay a shitload for the dam plugins) happy. Of course the angle of which he argued was horrible and just shown the whole community that he doesn't know much about demons and their potential outputs.

  8. I'd also like to wonder, regarding the post Pearz made that you mentioned on her blog in a comment (forgot the site) where the GM's practically admit that they knew nothing of the game material and said that they'd leave it to thier top players to know. #1 why are they having a Q+A session then if they do not know the answer or in this case, lie, incorrectly answer the question. And if the GS they are gonna pick are the ones who know not-so-much which is not much better then the GMs themselves stand....why are we being represented by the GS who knows nothing ?

  9. Bleach is the worst GS evah~ "fashion ftw :3" lolatdoll.