Friday, March 26, 2010

Obligatory Plasma QQ Post?

Nah, just wanted to point something out I found utterly ironic. 

If any of you all have been keeping up with the lolplasma threads for the past 2-3 weeks, you'd know that Alcadeiass has been preaching about how this patch is a good thing (and agreeably it is), and how people need to learn how to make money properly.

Fastforward to today.

Pearz is officially calling it quits on SMT, so she's giving out all her old gears/consumables/random items left on her character and in her depository. She made a blog post about it with High Tier and Low Tier items, and at the tail end of the post, she stated:
O ya reward for first person seeing this post (IE, most frequent /lucky viewer, 1 high tier prize, respond first comment)

 And guess who the first vulture was:

I hope you realize you just rendered every argument you made over the past month completely invalid. Were the diamonds and rubies from Jiko & Friends not enough for you? You seemed to act like you made a fortune doing so; did something happen? I dare you to tell other players how to make money again, when your source of income = leeching off players and their accomplishments.

Way to look like a total hypocrite (^-^

Inb4 Alca starts playing again... 


  1. inb4 "ur just jealous" esque comments.

  2. maybe he did want to just look at the gems and see them sparkle in the sunshine? ;o

  3. Greed overcomes even barriers like "I don't even play this game anymore."

  4. "leeching off players and their accomplishments."


    *...doesn't deny* :D

    It's not exactly the most reliable source of income, but from Rain's blog I see other people following "my" footsteps.

  5. Those people also play Shin Megami tensei: Imagine Online.

  6. You're right Alca. I couldn't get on and hump a leg faster than you.


    Teach me.

  7. So what exactly does a person who's "quit" or on a "hiatus" need an income for in an online game hmmm?

  8. Clearly he'd want to commission 30m worth of artwork to stare at himself.

  9. @AzunoX: Why do some people sell their stuff for Macca when they quit, instead of giving them away?

    It's not an income; merely something extra I could use to start off if/when I pick up the game again.

    @lndi: Maybe~

  10. "Why do some people sell their stuff for Macca when they quit, instead of giving them away?"

    If other people make dumb decisions, (aka, jump off a bridge) you would too? D:

    PS. Those other people didn't preach on every single anti-plasma patch thread about making money through hard work. Good job on following up advice with an example.

  11. 1. Alca. You're an idiot.

    2. People sell things for macca or gold, etc on games when quitting because they then can surprise / donate to others in game with something useful. It's like what Pearz is doing, owait you are just being a greedy cunt if you really quit, which you didnt since quitters don't start again.

    3. If you pick something up again and continue it is not quitting. It's called an addiction. There are rehab centers for people like that. Serious stuff, go get checked into a facility. Seriously.

    4. You fucking called it an income "It's not exactly the most reliable source of income, but from Rain's blog I see other people following "my" footsteps."

    5. !@#$ Rage.

  12. michi he did admitt he likes to post, its his hobby ;o

    *is glad she has a healthier hobby*

    and i doubt that all those people followed into your footsteps Alca ;o
    you just happened to read it first, but alot of those people were notified by pearz to watch the blog, cause she will be giving away her stuff on it....

    and i do find it ironic that all your preaching in the plasma threads went down the drain so fast :D

  13. XD
    Nothing against posting (I wuv to post too), it's the preaching that I found rather hypocritical. :P

  14. So is claiming 30 Mil with a single post a dumb decision?

    I'm still confused as to why my "preaching" has anything to do with this >.> yes, I posted a lot regarding "working hard" and whatnot, but where was I ever against taking lucky opportunities?

  15. @Alca

    Keywords: Irony, Hypocrite

    No one said it's a "dumb" decision. It's the fact you're a walking contradiction. You say blatantly you have quit the game and yet you troll the forums more than anyone. You claim to be busy with school and don't have enough time in the day to play, and yes you make 70+ posts a week. You sure do seem to have enough time on your hands to tell everyone else how to play the game :o

    Maybe you're fuzzy on what the word "Quit" means:

    "quit" (verb)[kwit]

    1. To depart from; leave
    2. To leave the company of
    3. To give up; relinquish
    4. To abandon or put aside; forsake
    5. To cease or discontinue

    I fail too see how claiming a free 30m doesn't fall under the category of being a "Risk-free, non-improving way of obtaining Macca. Unlike dungeons, there were little to no immediate danger and you don't need skills to do it."

    Also, quote:
    "People have and people will always find ways to achieve and earn. Don't underestimate the innovative capabilities of the human mind~"

    Innovation = leeching? I guess you finally achieved something ^_^

    As stated: no one is jealous about the money. It's the principle that you've quit and tried to live everyone's in-game life for them over the past few weeks over the forums. Why you don't dedicate that time to either

    1. Playing the game and actually putting your money where your mouth is.


    2. Actually living by your own word and quitting like you said you did 2 months ago.

    I know if I quit, I wouldn't be visiting the forums, much less posting 70+ times a week.

  16. I wasn't aware that I "tried to live everyone's in-game life for them over the past few weeks over the forums"; all I tried to do was inform others that there are alternatives in the game.
    Royce, I guess you're right, maybe I did try to control others' playtime instead. That's one fault of my character/personality.

    I'd actually very much like to continue playing, but my schedule doesn't allow it since I tend to log in for hours on end (short parties are bleh). With posting, I can go to the forums and log out freely; any time, any place.

    I enjoy explaining / giving advice to people, even if it's something as trivial as gameplay. Not just over the internet. I also liked debating the plasma patch because, well, Megaten still interests me. If it weren't for those two things, I'd be out of the forums too.

  17. That is......that is just absolutely retarded.

  18. I just wanna say...

    rofl. x3

    /mostly useless comment ftw xD