Friday, April 2, 2010

I'm such a card.

-Image pending-

Moar Edit: Because apparently lvl 91 0 rebirth default skills inex Uriel is a touchy subject d'awwww :<.

Still a pun in teh labels.


  1. I don&#39;t get itApril 3, 2010 at 4:36 AM


  2. @ I don't get it

    Surely you're kidding. Level 91 Inexperienced Uriel? Default skills and shitty stats are pretty kewl guy...

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Unless ofc if you mean you don't get why someone would have a level 91 Uriel >_>.

  5. @ Ardal

    Yeah I meant that. <_<;

  6. "Edit: First of a trilogy of post's, because stateing that this is the only thing wrong with the U.S server is a grave injustice."

    Next will be my fashion-sense? :D

  7. Well you posted someone's demon up to ridicule them. Of course the owner would get offended.

  8. Brb leveling Brave Garm to 91. It's kewl though 'cause he has better stats than normal Garm and won't need to reunion him or give him a decent skillset (that'd be too hard).

    Even though it looks utterly retarded and the whole server will question my logic, as least I'm having fun desssssk~ :3

  9. @Teddie
    Thanks for being blatantly obvious, it was a very needed reminded that we tend to offend people.

    In other words, when has this ever stopped us D:

  10. "But you guys did a not-nice thing and it made someone very sad D:"

  11. @Teddie

    It ironically wasn't the owner, but that would actually make sense. Go figure.

  12. hahaha why you remove uriel pic DDDD:

    its your blog screw what others say

    isnt a blog meant to express peoples feeling and opinions ALSO facts

    Fact - that uriel sucked

    nuff said

  13. @Anon

    Image deleted because apparently only 4 people still play J-Server. Must be really boring :/

    Mini Uriel is obviously > Big Uriel because he has the same stat growth. +20% Slash is totally useless, but +25% XP is win, especially for leveling from 40-91. 80-91 is a far greater waste of time, mainly because skills with higher damage modifiers are only vanity. Why worry with flashy skills when you could just use Agilao?

    inb4 next we argue Communism on paper Vs. Communism in practice...

  14. Rofl it reminded me Pokémon.

    With the guy with looooooong speeches about friendship

    "Ill fight evilz folkz with you forever Peehkachew even if you suck so badly blabla".

    Ahhh memories...Royce make the modif. wall of shame bigger pwease I even got some material screeeniez QQ.