Friday, October 2, 2009

An Update? No Way!

It's been awhile since any of us updated, so guess it's time one of us finally did it. I'd been editing the same entry over and over for 3 weeks, so I finally just deleted the whole thing and started fresh... so there's no "Top 10 Things I Hate About Our Server", nor "Why FOXHOUND Fails" (though I still want to share this gem of a screenshot), just a general overall update.

FINALLY hit level 92 last night. I ended up gaining 19% in one night, which in itself makes me feel like I was just really lazy for the first 81% that took almost 2 months to gain. 93 is going to be my Everest for sure; from what I hear it's around 100+ hours of grinding... but we'll see about that. On the flip-side of things, it's really sad hitting level 92 before the Lilith plugin is released. That was my main drive for hitting 92 in the first place... oh well. Guess it's time to make a Vetala with all the skills I want and let it rot in my depository for 6 months.

PvP has been rather annoying as of late. Chaos has lost essentially 90% of it's decent players because everyone likes to jump on the bandwagon, or they've all quit and gone on to other games. The most annoying part is beyond Pearz (who has semi-retired) there isn't a single player who knows how to fight one on one; Law consists of tons of wolfpack groups who consider 2+ on 1 to be "fair odds." I still think the regal enhancer build is one of the more annoying builds in PvP, because about 2/3rds of the time a 2 on 1 with a regal enhancer is just bad. I've been trying to breed more decent chaos players, but that's not something that just happens overnight. Another extremely annoying thing that's been going on lately are the incense accusations on me from other players. Now, I won't bore you to tears with mathematics, but Tanarin posted a damage calculation using my stats, and I'll reference that for proof that I don't use magic incense. FYI- I do around 1.2k with Bufudyne/Mabufudyne with a virtue/angel setup + spell hex. Also, here is my PvP Loki:
I have every conceivable Anti-Skill on the server with the excepetion of Anti-Death (and there's no way I'm leveling a Thoth to 92...). Factor in things like my Pulse of the Armored, Quetzalcoatl Soul Stone, the elemental extras, and Water Bearer, and you'll understand why I have such high resistances. tl;dr- I didn't put this much effort into boosting my offense/defense just to have idiot noobs raging I'm on steroids. I'm sorry you don't understand how Spell Hex and Anti-Skills work. You can always go play Maple Story.

Also, I'd like to point out something that really annoys me: lazy high level players. Looking through the Bazaar Forums I came across the following posts by Force and Baiace. Now mind you, both of these players are more than capable of leveling the demons for this, much less hitting 90 DCMs is not that hard. I did it myself in 2 days. Pallas Athena took 4 days to level with casual grinding. Apparently sitting in Babel at the fountain is the main reason to play this game for some people.

Only things I really want at this point are Chiaki and Phlogiston. Phlog should come out this month for sure (if it's a promo I'll ragequit), and Chiaki will probably be a ridiculous top-spender item. We'll see how things pan out.


  1. Well i have to say this is a nice post . But i'm also afraid you're right about the PvP part :lack of fair-play and wolf pack tend to screw the whole thing. For players like me we want to PvP more but who have to face this at every match make us run away from pvp. As far i'm still a lowbie i'm not concerned about the " you cheater you're on incense "and stuffs like that but i can easily imagine what it is . Don't listen to them and keep on rocking their asses.

  2. Mallard here

    gratz on getting to 92 and you are right about pvp thats why ive been on retirement in pvp for a while now. Im now leveling my melee and working on my enhance/melee build. Im level 69atm