Monday, October 26, 2009

Too Bad My Credit Card Is Maxed

So today I was wandering around when this nice fella PMs me about this awesome deal.
I just had to strike a conversation with him.
Here's what happened:

But it gets better~~~

[Tell]>>XxGodiazzXx: lol, sorry kid, fail scam is fail (19:32:20)
[Tell]XxGodiazzXx>> : kid who u talking about (19:32:50)
[Tell]XxGodiazzXx>> : im mp kid sir
[Tell]>>XxGodiazzXx: Sure you are (19:33:08)
[Tell]XxGodiazzXx>> : no sir (19:33:16)
[Tell]XxGodiazzXx>> : im 19 (19:33:35)
[Tell]>>XxGodiazzXx: Good for you then
[Tell]XxGodiazzXx>> : man ur a grouch today (19:34:02)
[Tell]>>XxGodiazzXx: You called yourself a GM and tried to pull 580ap outta me haha (19:34:25)
[Tell]XxGodiazzXx>> : well maybe if u werent uptite id work (19:34:48)

Too bad, I'm too uptight and have a maxed credit card to be awesome donataer~


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  1. "Perticipitaion"
    per·ti·ci·pit·aion (noun)
    1. The combination of perspiration, precipitation and and participation.

    Basically he's saying "Thanks for joining in on the sweaty rainstorm."