Sunday, October 25, 2009


So after a break from the game, I'm finally back. For some reason I can't leave Megaten forever, so when I'm bored I change something. After a little more than one week of fun donations, I'm finally chaos again, and with that comes new outfit, new crystals, new demons and new PvP partners. And wasn't too hard to make that decision since the Law side of PvP is now mainly based on a bunch of ass-lickers sponsors4life (i.e. Law side losing, QQ, goes to Rain SB for more QQ, and pray to see Pearz and friends on next match). Of course, not everyone in Law side is like that. The only thing I can say is: Get your own strenght, work for your stuff and feel the true accomplishment feeling.

Talking about accomplishment, I finally got a new useful and gorgeous outfit, so bye-bye Red Riders(lolfinally). Also, since I can't use Scathach anymore, I made a new Skadi with mainly Ice skills, because she is the winter goddess on norse mythology, and she have Force boost on our game, but can't learn Sonic Boom. Thanks again Cave for your amazing work. Oh, and when I was with Ardal teaching Megidolaon to one of her fusions using the giant Tarrasque on docks(who the fack teach almighty with Tarrasque?lolz), the moron dropped the Twins SS(like Ardal said already on a post, but I don't care <3).

And since some people keep asking me how much fun is lvl90, that is my opinion:
T> Jack Frost Cards and DCMs for Balms of Life, and I promise to NOT use it on PvP.



    This song popped in my head... sue me.