Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Solo Enhancers: The Helen Keller Story

Lately there's been a trend going around the server that I don't quite understand... the fascination with solo enhancers and how they're supposed to be inspirational. Now, let me say this isn't some great accomplishment... soloing with a demon is VERY easy. A couple months back I did an Ichi Gold run for pure lulz that consisted of me only enhancing my Loki, just because I said he was beefed up enough to take on the dungeon alone with myself enhancing him. We got some laughs out of it, called it a day. By no means am I claiming to have started the idea of soloing with a demon (I'm well aware I'm not the first to have done it), I'm merely stating it's more than feasible.

Anyway, it all started at the end of August, when Sharte posted this thread about her experience soloing Ichi Gold as an enhancer... and I'm sure some of you out there just subconsciously went "Awwww" in your mind, but allow me to give a running commentary of the run:

Demons used:
  • Cerberus
    • Level 4x Beast, focusing on physical attack and spins (mainly fire spin). Has Tiwas of Assiah growth.
  • Accomplished Unicorn
    • Level 4x Holy Beast, focusing on support and prolonged battle. Has Ansuz of Assiah growth.
Ok, right off the bat there's something wrong here... if your demon is your main source of damage output, you should be using a demon with Torrent of Magic and at the very least Vamp Cyclone, Fog Breath, Poison Gas Breath, or hell... Magic Shot.
Also, I'm not sure who started this movement where Accomplished Unicorn is some amazing demon you can use from the time you're level 21 until end-game, but it's extremely common here on the Aeria server. I guess it's the same reason you see people using level 60+ Blizzard Jacks and Inferno Pyros... people don't understand how demon fusion works.

Now, this is the part that slays me the most:

Elevator Hallway

I mount on this hall for safety. I have no theory I can try to beat Nightmare Specters if they pop out X_X

I suppose this is another difference between the JP server and the US server. Enhancers are weak to Erosion Hex and can be instantly killed Σ(゚Д゚ ). Use a mount to avoid this grave danger (^-^

No theory? None at all? By all means, please go here and find out... or hell, let me do the work for you. Your initial skill bar and Cerberus were more than enough to deal with the "impending threat" that was ahead of you.
Nightmare Specters are easily killed by your Cerberus' elemental spins, while the Nightmare Chatterskulls are easily stopped by Estoma (FYI- the Specters are too) and weak to magic-element, making Erosion Hex another viable solution. How you're level 72 with no Thoth, Lilim or Gorgon is completely beyond my understanding.

Not much else to comment on here really. It's hard to call any form of solo run "successful" if you end up dying though. The thread ended up being needlessly bumped every day full of praise on congrats, and still continues to be necro'd by other enhancers "inspired" by her story, that really is made out to look more like an all day affair.

Shortly after this, Zaphiel posted this thread about a level 25 soloing Ichi Gold. I'm not sure what he was trying to prove here. Based on the videos he posted (part one and part two), all I see proven is that a level 25 can solo Ichi Gold... if their main character is level 80+ with a demon they've rebirthed multiple times, a demon depository, Regal class 4 and access to roughly $10 of AP heals they can spam repeatedly. And no, I'm not saying incense is ZOMGZ CHEATERRR, because yes, most high levels (including myself) DO use incense when speedrunning Ichi Gold. Also want to point out that no level 25 would have an Aegis at their disposal. Show me one level 25 on the server that actually knows what they're doing and don't have Medical Sciences/Summon/Taunt turned on. I will give Zaphiel credit though, this was a fairly creative idea.

Finally, there's LoveGuardian... I was around level 80 when I met this guy... he was level 42 and QQing how his Eligor couldn't learn Sonic Boom. Powerleveled his way to the top via sponsoring, ended up copying the Regal Enhancer build that Citrine/lnstinct/Indicative/cody` all used (because he's so original)... and makes it a point to let everyone know in every post he makes on the forums how high his heals are, how he has Regal 4, or how he solos 4 kings regularly. Just yesterday I managed to screen this on the forums (and the main reason I made this post):
ANYWAY, now that his ego has been established (lol enhancer ego), he posted this thread with links to his solo videos for normal Ichi Gold and a 4 Kings Solo (part one and part two). Now, you'll notice from the first 5 seconds of the videos there's something utterly wrong about them even being claimed as solo runs... vel0s is playing "camera man" because LG's computer apparently sucks too hard. vel0s is more than likely feeding LG's stats via party bonuses. This way you're also unable to see if the Ose is on any kind of fragrances. vel0s also uses his Hresvelgr to fend off some Gakis...

Also, for someone who supposedly solos 4 Kings regularly, what's wrong with this picture?
If you claim to solo something on a regular basis you tend to know the demon's weaknesses.

The camera also doesn't lie:
Gratz on the sweet death! \(^-^

I guess the whole purpose of this post is that Enhancers with ego are hilarious. It's the only class where you can fail miserably and still be praised for your "achievements," kinda like winning the Special Olympics. If any other class posted a video where they died they'd be laughed at and ostracized. It's hard to listen to someone brag on about how they don't die when they clearly do... even with their o-so-seekrit Regal builds. You don't need Regal to be a good PvP Enhancer either... allow me to point to Ardal. Clicking a toggle to reduce your damage taken as an Enhancer is like wearing adult diapers because you're too lazy to shit in the toilet.

I rest my case.


  1. OYCEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE you has made fatal error see i has proofs that joo wuz wrong love MEANT he never dies in PVP and only under certain circumstances ofc <----teh pr00fz

  2. How sad... he's not even able to spell his own name correctly. Is "inkillable" even a word?

  3. Rofl, nice post. xD

    yes i wil commentz on old postz!

    I never understood the fascination with solo enhancer, and my main char /is/ an enhancer. ^^; I mean, isn't the point of being full enhance to actually... support your party? >_> Or maybe I am just teh stupidz. :P