Monday, October 26, 2009

Operation: Burnt Pancakes

It's become quite common knowledge that diablopanqueque publicly displayed his lack of faith in our most beloved Finella. Now as you all know, without Finella's dedication to sharing a plethora of information from the client files and her pro fan-translating, there's several of us who wouldn't be where we are today.

Upon my daily browse of her website I found this post by Anna:

So here's your call to arms, Megaten: Burn the Pancake. Provide links/screens of his stupidity, flame him for his ignorance, do whatever it takes. Hell I think he's trying to get the Nyarlothotep plugin still, if anyone can screen themselves kill-stealing his spawns and the lulz that are sure to follow, you'll be an hero for life.

(This post will be updated with any installments in Pancake-flames, so feel free to comment with photo links or forum posts)

Without further adiou--

Reasons Why Diablo Fails Wins:

Look at his clan thread
for starters. As I've stated before, it looks more like a 14-year old's MySpace page rather than a clan thread with all the Persona/SMT pictures he's posted that have literally zero relevance to IMAGINE. However this makes the clan uber win because anime and Persona r0x0rz.

Sheeps For The Slaughter

The clan has a High Intake/Hight Kickout policy... which creates numerous posts in the clan thread of people wondering why they've been excommunicated after having been offline for only a few days. Meanwhile, you have others living in fear and pleading to be spared from the ban-hammer. Also, under the requirements to be a Submaster:

  • "-Quota: You are responsible for recruiting at least one member a day to the clan. And that's not really a hard thing to do. Just be sure to invite only active and social members. Level is unimportant. Why? Because only the strong will survive in Yosuga. They'll level up eventually and we'll make sure they can survive in such a world. "
Is this why your clan has been around since April and just hit level 8 this month? Only the strong survive! Recruit a noob a day and then kick them the second they haven't been online in a week. Real Life is clearly less important than Yosuga.

Pimp Yo' Clan Leader Event
  • "RAWR! The PYCL event returns due to popular demand. New to PYCL? Then let me spin it for ya real quick yo! There is a rare item amongst the Megaten Community that I wish to find to support and help make our clan standout as one of the top clans! This PYCL's hot commodity item is the sexy "Frost Suit." Now ask yourself this....wouldn't you want your clan leader to be a Jack Frost? I thought so! The suit costs 30 mil and that's where I need your help guys :D Everyday, I slave over plasmas to farm money for this suit but it would go by a lot quicker (and help seal the deal faster from wannabe buyers) if you guys helped donate to the cause. This is optional of course and I don't expect you guys too participate if you don't want to. But in return, I will exchange donation money for YP! 100 macca = 1 YP The Top Donater will recieve an ADDITIONAL 10K YP! So farm hard guys!"
...because having this failure magnificient genius run around in a Frost Suit is going to make the clan instantly awesome! Now, you might be wondering "What the hell is a YP?" Well, YP stands for "Yosuga Points," which are his very own clan-based currency. You'll absolutely luuurve what you can purchase with these points. Please take note of the durability. Notice how most items are derp-gears that he's clearly used and can't sell? You should be thankful to even be allowed to touch gears owned by the great diablopanqueque! Sure, it'd be much easier to purchase these things from other players in-game. But wouldn't you rather donate money to your cheapskate glorious leader for his PYCL Event to get your shitty YP to purchase gears he doesn't use anymore? The best items are the Phlegethon and Poseidon's Spear, but both are 81+ requirements... the only two people in the entire clan who are even past 80 are diablo himself and RhemIruka (who's failed at ragequitting 2 times already). Rest assured, you won't level up in Yosuga, so find your own parties to do your acts and level up! This method of hands-off training and clan growth is pivotal to the success of Yosuga.

Wealth of Knowledge

The diablopanqueque you see on the forums daily is a cheap bastard who tries to swindle deals
an entrepreneur based on his own view of how economics work. He states that Heavenly Snow is not in demand, yet he's clearly trying to purchase one... which instantly bumps said item into an in-demand status. By this logic I should just wait for a day where there's an Abyss Cloak up for sale and no one is listed as currently trying to purchase one... then offer 750k because clearly no one wants it... hell I'd be doing them a favor, right?

He's also a smug know-it-all asshole an Ichi Gold professional. Apparently soloing as a gunner isn't an accomplishment in his eyes, so don't even think about trying it. I mean, anyone with half a brain knows that Holy Charm is fail, and you need a Yatagarasu Crystal to even consider fighting all the Cu Chulainns and Hayagrivas that Jiko spawns with him... Gyuki just won't cut it! Perhaps in order to appease this god amongst us mere mortals, you'd be better off wasting your time farming to donate to his kawaii Frostie outfit \(^-^

At least this whole thing is one big joke, right :D?
Guess you stealth-edited your clan thread for lolz too then?
inb4 I misquote the great Devil Pancake... all original sources =


  1. Ahahaha... I love your post. I never knew there is such an asshole in Imagine.

  2. Message from Alia :
    wow , I discovered a new specimen of asshole. He clearly deserves to be burnt . Good post anyway.

  3. It's good to be able to find the true story here. This dablopanqueque 'pancake' really deserves to be burnt. All those who joined Yosuga clan are fools to not know what an ass he really is. YP (Yosuga Points)? lol. Worthless crap.

    Finella's blog was a wealth of info. She and Anna will surely be missed. =(