Thursday, January 28, 2010

US Server On 2ch?

Browsing around today I stumbled across this thread on 2ch, which seems to chronicle the US Server's happenings fairly accurately... as well as talking about the more well-known/notable/infamous players & clans in particular. I'm a little confused as to why my origin is listed as Revert, considering I was never once in that clan. Oh well, 100% factual or not, it's an entertaining read.

Side Note:
Hit level 90 on Rhuki last night... 90 is much less gratifying the second time around.

Another Side Note:
Can I +ego over this? Please?

Final Edit:
After seeing the 2ch thread degenerate into nothing but ASCII-porn directed at a particular player, I'm choosing not to link the thread anymore. This is clearly a player who came to the US-server and failed, based on how much QQing they've posted. Just proof that some people on the interwebz are truly disturbed (and will undoubtedly never have sex without paying for it). There's a big difference between doramaz for lolz and being some creepy stalker hentai-freak. Have fun fapping to ASCII-art~

P.S. No, the Hamster-picture has nothing to do with this. I just refuse to plug threads that flame people who are good-hearted and kind like the girl you have some perveted obsessed hatred for. I hope the poster in this thread gets over their sexual frustrations someday.


  1. No you can't ego over this :< Cause you make me depressive with that difference T___T

  2. Holy Macaroni!!
    47kills, you murderer!

    Rizzie ;p