Monday, January 4, 2010


So it seems like no one wants to post anymore so I'm gonna post an update.
First off, I hit 90 like a week ago? Big whoop, not like it's much of an accomplishment anymore, I just wanted my Megidoroan lawl.


Royce's is better because it has a Nyar tarot, QQ @ U Royce D:

In other news I've been doing Valhalla a lot lately, I've actually gotten up to Valgrind, which honestly isn't very hard it's just long and just takes "massive amounts of noob killing". Hitting Valgrind allows me to go and look at this nice piece of armor:


The thing is godly, but completely unattainable for a longggggg time. 1.2million BP? No thanks.

Now for those getting mad at me for leaving Valhalla when I see a match is stacked, I just have this to say, I don't really care what you think. I'm getting rank for a random reason, once I hit it I'll do all the stacked, unfair, hard to win matches you want. But considering if I lose a match, it takes me 2 to make up for it, I'd rather avoid the hassle. But by all means, if you wish to make Team Valhalla fights PM me I'll arrange for it to happen, I'd love to have a fair match of level 80+


  1. didnt u sign the alliance?

  2. I expect to hear no negative opinions from you then when others do the same thing as you did.

  3. wow...thats one epic top...1.2 mill bp..I don't think many ppl will ever get that top lol.

    It is epic though


  4. For Mr. Anon up there.

    My opinion on the whole leaving match thing is this. If you leave before it starts I don't care, if you leave mid-match, then I do get pissed off, but whatever.