Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lrn2Mod pl0x

It seems as though lately more people are having trouble grasping the concept of modding their equipment properly. The tradelist has been littered with gears with improper soul stones or slot-modifications. While it's fun to get a laugh out of other people's ignorance, it's also quite sad and a testament to how poorly educated our server really is. If you're going to take the time to modify/enchant one of your gears, make sure of two things:
  1. The piece of equipment you plan to modify/enchant is beneficial to your class/build.
  2. The modification/enchant you plan to do is beneficial to your class/build.
As long as you follow these two basic principles (that really shouldn't even have to be pointed out in the first place), you are halfway on your way to success in this game.

Are You Goofus or Gallant?
Gallant modded his Kotetsu II for +15% Slash to become more efficient at destroying vegetables.

Goofus modded his Avalon-24 for +15% Spread because he has no idea what he's doing. He also bathes in the sink.

Please don't be a modification Goofus, otherwise you'll end up on...

The Modification Wall Of Shame
The names have been hidden to save people the embarrassment. These are definite modification failures that would better serve as deconstruction material than the horrible fate these items are suffering.
  • Exhibit A: The Spingunner
It's a build we all laugh and joke about all the time, but apparently they do exist... and yes, that is a normal Stealth Top, not the reissued ones.
  • Exhibit B: Killing Two Mods With One Stone
Not that Tanegashimas are "pro guns" to begin with, but here's a good way to make all your modding useless: change the weapon's affinity.
  • Exhibit C: Microphone Check?
This Enka has literally passed hands at least 5 times now. It's been on the tradelist under different names for at least 2 months. I offered 5k macca in an attempt to just delete the item to put it out of it's misery, but the current seller didn't like my "noob offer." Guess I'll never be pro without this Enka D:

This seriously made my stomach turn. If you're going to farm the materials for an expensive 5-slotted weapon you plan to mod for fire, please make it a Phantom Star. Seeing this kind of mod would make any Class 10 Destruction Mage lose sleep at night.


  1. All screenshots are provided by me D: could atleast credit me, jeeeeez. Lawl I don't care.

    You had me rofl'ing so much

  2. "Galant modded his Kotetsu II for +15% Slash to become more efficient at destroying vegetables. "
    This made me loling hard .
    Also thanks for SSing the "melted-ice" tanegashima. It's definitely something lolfull .
    But yeah , it's also a bit sad to see it . I don't think the informations about modding are really hard to get , asking advices from another player /checking wiki isn't a real painful process. Being a bit logical can't hurt too.
    Sorry for looking like an arrogant guy , but this is really what i think .


  3. best post ever cody~

  4. ---
    If you're going to take the time to modify/enchant one of your gears, make sure of two things:~~

    But Exhibit A does show these 2 things D: she's a spingunner, afterall xD

    Sadly it gets worse than these though. Remember The Sun's Iron Fan and the Avalon-24 of Libra?

  5. u no "Ganga's Royal Scepter of Demonic Blood of LIBRA"? It's epic.


  6. Oh I have a screenshot of that too, but he didn't wanna use it since it DOES give blunt defense, though the PvP SS is better :x

  7. Someone was looking to trade a Furiae SS (PVP blunt) + 4M for Scales at the time and he didn't see it.

  8. I think it was Kenjiryo looking for the Scales.
    The owner felt extremely stupid after ss'ing it on the weapon. xD