Friday, January 22, 2010

Aeria Fails Yet Again~

So up until recently, things had been rolling fairly smoothly with Aeria; content was getting updated more frequently, the tiered spending promos were actually decent equipment for the price-brackets (i.e. LNC sets, Nightmare, Sentinel, SMT: If... sets, etc.), and there'd been an odd air of happiness(?) floating around. Things seemed to be looking up (or at least as good as they were going to get, we'd reached a happy-medium it seemed).

Then 2010 started.

Our current Fortune Cards are literally 2 years old, dating back to January 17th, 2008 and February 7th, 2008. We never recieved either of these FCs up until this point, where none of these gears hold any relevance to today's damage-standards (minus Conviction, which essentially every melee who wants one has one at this point, and I suppose the outfits could be argued they could be Regenerated... but that's beside the point really). What does Aeria do when the FC fails? Promos~

Let's chronicle everything that's happened in the past week:

They clearly already knew the upcoming FC was going to fail, by the release of not only one, but two instances of the Abyss Cloak being putting in their infamous Floating Mystery Box on the web mall. They released the box 2 days back-to-back, with a price increase on the second day.

There was the Re: Chaos Set/Flamehorn raffle, the Demonic Ward/Cups & Melons Mystery Box Promo, the Seeker/Sentinel tiered promo, and now we've had the release of Cross Regenerator Mystery boxes and (again) not only one, but two corresponding raffles to add more insult to injury. Today drops the Warlords tiered promo, which makes no sense... how is a set like Nightmare that adds a general damage boost $50 and a near-statless and completely useless set like General's worth $70? Makes zero sense.

For those unaware, Cross Regenerators were released in this FC on the J-Server. Looks alot better than Mystery Boxes, right? Why was this not released as this week's FC? Instead we get ridiculously outdated crap that no one needs. The Cross Regens were also released on the J-Server's web mall the same day the Fortune Card was released for ¥4980 each.

I find it ironic that the Cross Regen thread was locked promptly after I called Aeria on their bullshit, and expressed they're truly showing no care for their customers at this point. Locking the thread with literally zero response to what I said merely proves my point even further.

It's shocking that Aeria has an A- Rating on the BBB, but then again when you buy your votes from your players anything is possible. If you have a problem with how Aeria Games runs their business-end, I implore you to speak the truth. Makes you wonder just how many of these reviews are buffing that A-. At one point Aeria had a D rating...

I find it quite ironic I point out the fact the +50% expertise handgun is missing, and within 48 hours it's found it's way to our item mall. The GMs apparently didn't know the item existed... and yet that doesn't explain the fact it was clearly taken out of the FC.


  1. I'm not in the clan yet(I'm new, I'm not sure how I'd be able to help with anything.) But I had to bookmark this page because it's extremely helpful, and your opinions saved me a lot of money.
    Danke, merci, arrigato, etc!
    I liked this quote, "If we don't express our opinons, then we'll never reach a happy medium between Aeria and the players."
    And I hope they recruit you as a GM, because the only people buying that crap are new players that are too ignorant to understand what a bad deal it actually is (I fall into this category :< ).
    I plan on spending a lot of time in this game, I thank you for putting the truth out there!

  2. i'm getting pretty excited each day updating this thing. lolz.