Friday, December 18, 2009



So to my knowledge this is the 1st known 4 slotted Balmung. Yay me~

In other new, I've hopped the bandwagon and went neutral. I must say, the damage with good gear is pretty ridiculous though I miss my cast-time, so I'm debating going skadi over nyar atleast for the time being :s

I'm also on the road to 90, hit 89 last night and 88 the night before so hoping this weekend is my big day. Not like it's some extraordinary accomplishment anymore but it's a personal feat I never thought I'd bother with. Wonder how this'll go.


  1. not hard to make.

    exfm has 1 full modded.

  2. Oh sorry, and I'm supposed to know Exfm has one how?

    And if it's so easy to make go make one today Mastered. I never said it was easy in any way. I said it was the first KNOWN one, if Exfm has one then good for him.

  3. Hmm, I wonder if Rokuchi knows that Mastered talked shit about him 24/7...

    ...only one way to find out.

  4. Fully modded Balmung? What the fuck, have fun in ueno cave.....

  5. i like monkeys D: