Thursday, December 10, 2009

Precious Time

Oh, sweet december, almost Christmas already. I'm officially playing Megaten for 1 year, and now looking back at everything, it's No, really. God, I've felt really pro using Cu Chulainn, grinded for hours at Zhens on Shinagawa (and got a few surprise rapes on new moon <_<), wasted weekends on noob Sugi Golds... Yeah, that's really weird today with all that sponsor thing, countless exp incenses and such, but it was really fun. Exploring, trying new stuff... I loved that, and I could feel that again 2 days ago with the Lord of the Flies patch. Ok, it wasn't hard, but c'mon, we're level 90+ with complete builds and gameplay experience, it's not meant to be hard.

But anyway, I just wanna thank you all who played Megaten with me this year, I had a really good time, and some LOLmoments that I'll NEVER forget, because if we don't laugh on our 10+ hours Ichi marathons we'll just go insane, right?
And if you didn't saw me these days it's because (not that you should care :x):

1) Fail internet connection is fail. I've DC'd so much that I didn't even bothered to turn on my comp some days.

2) IRL stuff. Relationship + friends + work = loss of weight, so everyone should do that. D:<

3) Grand Fantasia.
Yeah, I've been playing it and it's not perfect, but it's what I need. I can play different stuff without making new friends since I'm happy with the ones that I have on Megaten/Aeria. And even failing on any kind of PvP (3k hp don't help, working on semi-vit build <_<), at least I'm cute ._.

4) PSP. Finally got mine, and so much stuff that I wanna play lol. Just finished Persona, and I have to say, Atlus did a damn great job. Perfect remake, decent translation, complex Persona creation system, new cutscenes, awesome new soundtrack, AND after all still feels like the old game.

(Pro Jinn sprites)

Btw, I've uploaded the OST here, so have fun with Shoji Meguro.

Epic Note - This is how pro my Ichi runs are:Nuff said.

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