Monday, February 8, 2010

I'm Starting To Think I'm The Only One Who Updates...

So after finishing Rhuki last month I decided to pick Phacia back up. Initially she was planned as a Rapid/Enhancer/CotW, but awhile back I ended up lething her completely and made her into a Magic-Bullet/Sharpshooter/CotW. I know this is the second time I've rerolled a character now; and it will be my last. There was a time when every character I was going to make was going to have enhancement; flash forward to now, I feel like pure-builds are more fun and more efficient. The build I use for Royce is able to hybrid as much as it does because it just works that way. Not every class is meant to do that though. Plus, I feel that Rhuki's 47-KO PvP excursion is a prime example of 2 pures working together as a team. Anyway, after a couple weeks of casual playing Phacia is already lvl 82. As I've pointed out before, leveling is a total joke with 5x and 10x being as abundant as they are. Is it bad that I'm more exicted for level 90 just to have class 4 Demonology than I am about finishing my build? I started a pure melee (Xenobia`) a couple weeks ago as well. I have no intentions of PvPing on this character-- I just really wanna try full Thor tarots and Mjolnir.

Other characters I still need to start (or finish) that are currently planned:
  • Rapid Gunner with C4.5 CotW
  • C5 Enhancer with C4.5 CotW
  • Swordsmith
  • Gunsmith
  • C6.2 Synther
Also, I (finally) started rebirthing my Lilith this weekend. At the moment I'm trying to finish up all the additional Close-Range stats I care to add (considering it's all for the sake of only one move), that way I can focus on Spell and Long-Range later on. I think I'm gonna have to start hounding Aeria about the Wyrd rebirth being bugged; it seems to have been completely swept under the rug and forgotten about at this point.
I predict March is going to be a verrrry slow month for Imagine (and slow month = uber promos), with several big-name games on the horizon. Final Fantasy XIII is being released for PS3 on March 9th. I have no extreme expectations for FF13 (it's not like we haven't played the same game 12 times before), but I do plan on getting a PS3 in the coming months just to play this and MGS4. This game will also drag away most any and every RPG fan from whatever it is they're currently playing. Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey comes out for the Nintendo DS on March 23rd in the US. I plan to be escaping Imagine for a couple of weeks around this time. I'm more excited for this game than I have been for any other SMT game since Nocturne came out. The players FF13 doesn't drag away from Imagine, Strange Journey will certainly succeed in doing so. Also, Lunar: Silver Star Harmony comes out on March 2nd for the PSP. If you're not stoked for this game, you're probably too young to remember it. If you consider yourself to be an RPG fan, by all means pick this up. It's not like three of my four characters are named after Lunar characters for no reason....

One last note; I got to see the Polysics in concert on Friday (any show with a double-encore = instant win). Unfortunately it will be the last time I get to see them with their keyboard player, Kayo, who is retiring from the band following this tour. It's truly a marvelous experience seeing the Polysics live, as it's rare for a band to be so energetic and upbeat in their live shows. The US tour is still in motion, so if you have an opportunity to see them I highly recommend it.


  1. Rapid with CotW 4-5 sounds cool, but it takes at least 16k expertise points just to get CotW that high. ><

    I like the enhancer idea though. Tiffy's the only enhancer I know who has Damage Hex; I wish more people would get it.

  2. Strange journey!?!?!

    You said you had no DS D:


  3. I have had a DS for over a year... I said don't have ADVANCE WARS T_T

  4. zzzzzzzz

    Thats why you buy 1 of those "adapters" so you can download your games XD


  5. meep oô
    Oh my god Pearz you're my soulmate D=
    Let's talk about stuff sometimes :D