Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I can haz updatez too QQ

Well since Royce thinks no one else updates I guess I'll post my recent updates too.
I wasn't planning on posting them for another week or so but I'm taking a few days off Megaten so might as well do so now.
So like Royce I've been relatively busy lately for once, I've started up my enhancer again, and though I can't do much about it expertise-wise I have all my gear and crystals done, and it's demon in the making. Yes, just like Royce I've been rebirthing a demon to hell and back. So at the moment here is where he stands.


The stats are those from when summoned on my enhancer, and fully buffed.

In any case, I'd say I'm about halfway done, hopefully I can finish him up sometime next week depending how busy I am.
In other news, I actually leveled Azuno` this weekend, for the first time since I hit 90. I'd been gaining exp from rebirthing Nyar without using any incense and had hit 55% and this weekend 2x came on and I just decided "Ah what the hell I'll finish up" and yeah 2 hours later I was 91. I forgot how much gaining exp with 10x is a joke. I have no plans to hit 92 anything soon though, even though Lilith tempts me.
Also, for some who have noticed, I don't PvP anymore. I lost complete interest suddenly and even my rank seems pointless to bother with, so it's slowly disappearing day by day. Maybe my interest will spark back up when the magical "No incense patch" is actually finished, who knows.
In non-MegaTen news, I picked up White Knight Chronicles a few days ago. I haven't had too much time to play it but it's a DECENT game, it's nothing ground-shaking but it should keep anyone who actually enjoyed FFXII's gameplay entertained til XIII comes out 3 weeks from now. Do not, however, play WKC if you're looking for a good story, within the first 3 hours you'll find the story to be the most cliche'd thing ever, it's been done, re-done, and done over and over again. If anything, the story will have you laughing at how predictable and stupid it is. Atleast that's how I'm managing to keep playing.
Welp, til next update~

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